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The greatest stories of the past become what we call history today .These travel blog posts bring to life the best and the worst moments of history that can still be found by travelling around the world today…

ICJ in shadows The Hague

I’ll See You In The Hague

A city with the charm of Frankfurt, the friendliness of Paris and the culture of […]

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Fresh crab in curried soup

A Boiled Egg at One of Cardiff’s Best Restaurants

As a Brit, I’ve had to hear my fair share of jokes about the food […]

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The Greatest Memorial to Love: Driving the Great Ocean Road

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. I was lost, it was wet and […]

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The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

A boy kicks a football in the red, barren dust. A cloud of burned, breathless […]

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Why Colour Still Matters in Cape Town

When it comes to colour in South Africa, perhaps there’s no better place to start […]

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Napoleon’s Last Stand on French Soil

Napoleon is remembered for a great many things. Conquering most of Europe, for example. Overthrowing […]

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Cape Town Rainbow

Why South Africa Is Called the Rainbow Nation

Why South Africa is called the Rainbow Nation I’m in South Africa right now and […]

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Nuremberg rally ground today

The Girl Who Sat Where Hitler Stood

Spoiler. I’m not that girl. I’m the one behind the camera. Right now, I’m in […]

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Martyr Paintings Tahrir Square

Tahrir Square Last Month, Egypt

This photo shows an ancient Egyptian monument in front of the burnt-out remains of the […]

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Doorways into Egypt

Egypt: One of History’s Greatest Jigsaw Puzzles

Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet […]

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Un Aller Retour A La Rochelle

Picture the scene: 30 books open at the same page, a scattering of scarlet gingham […]

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A motorbike zooms past in Hanoi

The Legend of the Lake, Hanoi

Around the corner is the Old Quarter. Around the corner is the vision of Hanoi […]

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How Lyon’s Secrets Defeated the Nazis

The Cour des Loges Hotel Review As hotels go, the Cour des Loges didn’t need […]

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Tulips in Amsterdam002

Tulips in Amsterdam

Yes, this is supposed to be a site about unusual journeys and, yes, tulips in Amsterdam are about as unusual as finding a long queue and a surly stare at airport security. But…

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Barbados Today

How Slaves Found Freedom in Barbados (And How We Can Do The Same)

When the change came, the island held its breath. What would happen the following day?

Would people turn up to work? Or would they leave?

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Overlooking beach in Barbados

Standing Alone on Slavery, Barbados

The problem, if you happened to be a slave owner, was that slaves just kept on dying. It was bad for business. Arguably, this also caused problems if you happened to be a slave, but…

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Snowy rooftops in Krakow

A Song in the Snow – Photos of Krakow from the Sky

It only takes two hundred and thirty nine steps to reach a completely different city. To reach a song from the past that hauntingly blends with the snow that falls without sound.

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Freedom and Slavery in Barbados – Part Two: It’s Not All Black and White

Part two about slavery in Barbados – and how it’s not what you might expect.

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Barbados coast

Freedom & Slavery in Barbados. It’s Not Black & White

The Club, Barbados My room has the perfect view. At dawn, sparkle spills across the […]

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Coloured houses in Girona as Catalonia campaigns for independence and the use of the word "home"

Girona: Short and Sweet

I love the medieval city of Girona, although a city this size scarcely seems large […]

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