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ICJ in shadows The Hague

I’ll See You In The Hague

A city with the charm of Frankfurt, the friendliness of Paris and the culture of […]

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The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

A boy kicks a football in the red, barren dust. A cloud of burned, breathless […]

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South African Lion 900

After South Africa

Dust in red still stains my shoes And drumbeats soothe my sleepless senses I am […]

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Nagasaki at night

“There Was A Large Light” – A Nagasaki Survivor Speaks

There was a large light. I fell. And then no-one came to rescue us. Nagasaki, […]

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Children in Burma or Myanmar

In Burma, Everything’s Golden

Is it Burma or Myanmar? I arrived under cover of darkness. Deep, night, darkness. I […]

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Barbados Today

How Slaves Found Freedom in Barbados (And How We Can Do The Same)

When the change came, the island held its breath. What would happen the following day?

Would people turn up to work? Or would they leave?

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Barbados beach

Barbados, George Washington, And Me.

“In the cool of the evening we rode in the country and were perfectly enraptured […]

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The Land of A Thousand Christmas Trees

Or…The Parish of Around About (But We’re Not Quite Sure) 100 Christmas Trees. Let’s face […]

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The Man Who Makes Baubles for the Pope

Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft. At 40 letters long, Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft’s the longest word there is, at least on the snowy-sweet streets of Basel. And while…

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Maldive Circles

Photos of the Maldives: Tears & Inspiration

The aeroplane bobbed on the water. The spray shimmered like tears on the window, giant baubles of longing just waiting for something to happen or someone to notice…

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Why I HAVEN’T Quit my Job to Travel the World Full-Time

Today’s guest post is by Lillie Marshall.  She  is an energetic, six-foot tall Boston Teacher who […]

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Interview with Shark Photographer, Liv Gaunt

How did you get into shark photography? Did the photography come first or the sharks?

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Get Paid to Travel the World – Underwater

Wow. Just wow, I thought when I first saw Alex’s photos on Camels and Chocolate. […]

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Private island profiling

Sleeping Inside A Volcano – Desroches: A Private Island in the Seychelles

The sand I’m standing on is soft and bleached, the type that squeaks beneath your soles if you walk too fast.

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The Sounds of the Sand Dollar Orchestra, The Grenadines

A surprise encounter in the Grenadines…

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Break it down and take it with you

The Day I Held the Iron Curtain In My Hand

Sometimes things go wrong in life. The printer at the car hire company breaks, the sat nav doesn’t work, the

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Beach on Aus Open of Surf

How To Be A Pro Surfer

Surfers have a reputation for being cool, laid back and sexy. I’m talking, of course, […]

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Should I stay leaf

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Today’s post comes from a woman whom I very much admire. It first appeared on her own blog and it moved me so much that I had to get in touch and ask whether I could cover the story here. She gave her permission for me to reproduce the whole article – and since…

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Pizza Ideas - Pizza in a glass

P-P-Pizza Ideas: The World’s Most Creative Pizzeria

“I’m not a cook. I’m a fixer man.”

It’s a striking opening line from anyone, but coming from Fabián Martín, it sounds particularly ominous…

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Spanish Artists - Olympic Sculptures

Spanish Artists – Capturing the Olympics

A man and a woman walk hand in hand through the speckled sunshine in Olot, Catalonia…

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