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From Istanbul to Berlin by train, zig-zagging across the former Iron Curtain.

Sofia: spotted by locals

Spotted By Locals – Sofia, Bulgaria

A non-descript side street, a stained white wall. Paint peeling from the window frames and sidelong glances from passersby.

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Cuddly currywurst in Berlin

The Berlin Wall – The Unheard Story

The final instalment of the Iron Route Journey. East, West, Good, Bad, Win, Lose, Draw.

Another look at 1989.

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Break it down and take it with you

The Day I Held the Iron Curtain In My Hand

Sometimes things go wrong in life. The printer at the car hire company breaks, the sat nav doesn’t work, the

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Street Art in Prague: The John Lennon Wall

Who needs cobbled streets and medieval mysteries when you can have psychedelic colours, wonky lines and hearts full of passion?

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A Statue in Vienna

Photos of Vienna – The Seventh Stop on the Iron Route

I arrived in style, travelling from the aged grandeur of Keleti Pu station in Budapest to the ultra-modern Vienna West

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Budapest Parliament. This Is What Democracy Looks Like

You have to put yourself in my shoes.

Boots, really, with thick rubber soles to keep out the cold and to keep a foothold on the ice. Boots that worked hard and worked fast, striding between commuters in a winter-worn Budapest. Five feet, six inches above them, a troubled mind tangled through what it had just seen.

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Finally we tore it down - iron curtain logo in Budapest

The House of Terror in Budapest

I stand in the queue, a man turns me back.

I stand in another queue. Alone, in silence

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Swimming in Budapest baths

The Water of Winter: Baths in Budapest

The steam rising out of the drain cover caught my attention first. It was a cold, vengefully cold mid-winter morning in

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Zagreb Plants

Travel Zagreb Through Photos – The 5th City on the #IronRoute

This Photo Friday, I bring you Croatia’s Capital at its warm and wintry best. Check out more about the #ironroute over here and watch this space for the words…They’re on their way…

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What is the iron curtain

The Cold War, the Iron Curtain & Somewhere In Between

Cold War. Iron Curtain.

Four words, two phrases, several meanings.

When I went to school, a third of the world lived under “communist” rule. Travel was restricted…

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Ljubljana Street Art in Slovenia

Ten Things You Never Knew About Ljubljana, Slovenia

I hope to bring Ljubljana to life for you here on Inside the Travel Lab, piece by piece, over the course of 2012 as part of my #IronRoute Project. Yet to spare you the overload experienced by my hard drive, oh long-suffering reader, I’ll start with this bite-sized list and fill in the gaps later.

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Italian foods chocolate cake trieste

Sweet Treats & Sauerkraut: Three Flavours of Trieste, Italy

Italian food. There was a time when I couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about, but I can barely remember that now. The moment my train slowed to a stop in Trieste (and, if I’m honest, quite a while before that) my daydreams wandered…

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Train at Sezana station between Trieste and Ljubljana

Longing for Ljubljana – Travel From Trieste

I’m going to tell you a secret. I’ve longed to visit Ljubljana. I’ve longed to let my tongue run over the improbable syllables of its name before I even knew how to say them…

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Trieste: Italy’s Dark Piece of Iron Curtain History

Trieste, Italy Behind me, I know that sapphire lights stud their way across the stone. […]

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Berlin Wall

Hitting the Wall – Reaching Berlin

Eighteen days ago I set out on a journey of more than a thousand miles. It took me through nine different countries, six different currencies, two continents and it strayed both in and out of

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Feel the love

The John Lennon Wall in Prague

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Prague: Not so crowded after all…

Naysayers will have you believe that Prague is too crowded to enjoy any more. Well, […]

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Travel by train zagreb to budapest

A Tale of One City – On The Iron Route

The sign on the platform read Budapest. I climbed onto the train, no easy feat at the moment as I clutched…

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A Piece of the Iron Curtain

A piece of the iron curtain gathered by an eyewitness at the border between Austria […]

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sofia bulgaria lonely

Sofia, Bulgaria: Empty & Lost

Blinking with sleep into the buttercup-yellow light, I stood on the platform and looked around.

An abandoned train stood opposite, incoherent graffiti scrawled along its length. The escalators had seen better days (I hoped) as they slumped…

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