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Travel blog posts on the fascinating city of London from Inside the Travel Lab. From books to parks, art to history, London never has a dull moment. Read all about London here…

Photo on the Go: Bank by name, Bank by tube.

Bank by name, Bank by tube. On The Road… Zoom…These pics come straight from my […]

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London Bridge Hotel near Tower Bridge

London Bridge is Falling…Up?

The London Bridge Hotel lives next to London’s record breaking The Shard and is only […]

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Homes in London

London. As Seen From The Cavendish Hotel

As a Londoner, you miss out on London at its polite and polished best. The London that would turn up to a job interview. The London you would take home to meet your parents. The side of London that tourists get to see…

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Team GB book

Just What I Think About the Olympics

Ready, Set… Boom. The London 2012 Olympics are here. I watched the flames fill each […]

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Images of London

21 Barclay Road: London as You’ve Never Seen It Before…

…Covering a Wall and Bathing in Resplendent Lime Green

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Big Ben at night - seen from the River Thames

Audio On Travel & Philosophy at the LSE

How do we know when we’ve arrived when we travel? Because we recognise the image we’ve already seen. We think we’re chasing new experiences but we’re actually chasing our memories.” Dr Gillespie

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Sleeping Above A Bakery – In London

Ah, London. According to some things I read, there’s nothing but high rise buildings, reams […]

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Nine Unusual Things To Do in London

What should you do once you’ve seen the classics? With Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and

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Finding the Golden Fleece – A Chic Hotel in Covent Garden

A golden sofa waits in the lobby of the Radisson on Mercer Street, its spine forming a glamorous backdrop that

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On Fire at the Egerton Hotel: An Independent Luxury Hotel Review

There are hotels. And then there are hotels. Places so imaginative, so extraordinary and so unusual that they stand out as experiences in their own right. The Egerton Hotel in Knightsbridge, London, is one of those hotels…

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The Rubens hotel review

The Rubens At The Palace – An Independent Hotel Review

Like many a hotel in London, a Union Jack flag hangs over the doorway of The Rubens at the Palace, the

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Afternoon Tea

Dirt, Sweat & Cucumber Sandwiches – English Afternoon Tea

A clock plods through its strict rhythm as the clink of china echoes through

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riotcleanup clapham

How Social Media Contributed to the London Riots

In the aftermath of the London riots, a group of volunteers decided to show the world what social media could really do. This is their story, told by Sophie Collard.

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Big Ben - London

Roomorama & The Big City Sleep

First off, this article is going to be about finding accommodation in London. Secondly, just how enjoyable are the words Roomorama and the Big City Sleep?

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Unfairly delicious cupcake with red dust from the hummingbird bakery

Birthdays, Blogs & Hummingbird Cupcakes

It’s my birthday this week so you’ll have to wait a day for the next travel update. I have some urgent cupcakes to attend to…

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mini cooper smallcarBIGCITY - fun things to do in London

London: The coolest way to travel…

Emerging from Clapham Junction’s grey and predictable train station, I saw him straight away. A scarlet…

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Jean Marc CEO of Green Shoots Foundation

Inspirational People: City Banker Turned Philanthropist

“Mental salvation,” Jean-Marc tells me when I ask why he left his banking job to run a charity full time. He talks about his dismay at the practices in the City in the run up to the crisis. Then he tells me about his son…

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Find Roman Remains in London

The true City of London, or the Square Mile, forms the financial heart and hub of London. It’s a place of steel and glass, of suits and speed and the habit of gambling on the future rather than rambling on about the past. Yet among some stunning new buildings, the…

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Alone Among Millions

After Namibia, the London Underground took my sense of proportion, dragged it through the proverbial hedge backwards and then left it in a crumpled heap on an escalator. All while urging me to…

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Ronnie Scott’s: A Jazz Legend in London’s Soho

Ronnie Scott’s has become a byword for top quality music. At least to everyone I know. Sadly, as is often the case in all things musical, I was playing catch up from the moment I heard the word “acoustic.” So…

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