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Doorways into Egypt

Egypt: One of History’s Greatest Jigsaw Puzzles

Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet […]

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Catalonia near Tamariu

Cuban Songs & Independence in Catalonia

The song sounded soulful but also a little sad. The man’s voice, with a tremor likely absent in his youth, addressed the crowd as though we were but one.

One person. A girl. A friend. A home. I couldn’t quite be sure, losing words as they…

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What is Communism? Prague Tries to Explain…

It was the second time I’d stood on the banks of the Vltava River in Prague, watching the

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Street Art in Prague: The John Lennon Wall

Who needs cobbled streets and medieval mysteries when you can have psychedelic colours, wonky lines and hearts full of passion?

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The Berlin Wall in Vienna

The year is 1945 and ash, smoke, poverty and despair rise through the rubble of Europe.

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Budapest Parliament. This Is What Democracy Looks Like

You have to put yourself in my shoes.

Boots, really, with thick rubber soles to keep out the cold and to keep a foothold on the ice. Boots that worked hard and worked fast, striding between commuters in a winter-worn Budapest. Five feet, six inches above them, a troubled mind tangled through what it had just seen.

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About Istanbul Sky View

About Istanbul: Crossing Between Europe & Asia

A man casts a glance over his shoulder before arching back and casting his line into the water. The street chatter and rush hour traffic drown out the subtle splash but from the look on his face, you’d think he stood alone in the countryside, miles from anyone, miles from anywhere.

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About poppy day

Red is for Remembrance: About Poppy Day

“You have blood on your hands,” she said as she jabbed me in the ribs. “And you’re celebrating mass murder.”

As a travel writer with a British passport, the first statement is something of an occupational hazard…

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Street Art in Cuba

In Cuba, I spent most of my time on the streets. It’s a Caribbean country with a laid-back vibe, whatever

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Broken Chair

The Broken Chair jolts out of the dreary Place des Nations in Geneva. Surrounded by steady traffic and standing opposite the European UN Headquarters, I found its size, odd rust-green colour and geometrical..

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Soothing Souls – The Legacy of Salts Mill

Everyone talks in whispers, the omnipresent classical music giving the atmosphere of a reverential mass, or perhaps a mix between a library, an art gallery and heartbreak hotel.

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The Adventures of Billy Bookcase

England, France, Spain.

Different dresscodes, different foods, different languages, different outlooks. But when it comes to furniture, Swedish

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Horchata vs Globalisation

I’m delighted to know that even in this Coca-Cola world, travel can still show me some new tricks.

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