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UNESCO has done all the hard work in rounding up the world’s most amazing places and labelling them World Heritage Sites. This page visits them all one by one. That’s the aim, anyway! Let’s get started…

Wieliczka Salt Mine Staircase

Secrets in Salt: The Wieliczka Salt Mines

“Are you ready?” asks Christopher, a guide from the nearby village of Wieliczka. He’s cloaked in a long charcoal jacket and blowing on his hands to keep warm. For a giant-sized man, he uses a soft voice. “Because once we start, I will not be able to talk to you. And you will not be able to turn back.”

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Petra, Jordan

The Horses of Petra, Jordan

Dust rose from the ground as the horse thundered past and the sun began its ablutions. It painted pinks and pomegranates, amber, pistachio, charcoal and soft apricot rust across the walls of Petra before calling it a day and turning in for an early night…

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