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Tea in China

Facing the Dragon: China Now And Then

Climbing the Dragon’s Spine, China It curved and clawed away from me as I stared […]

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Reed Flute Cave Blue

The Reed Flute Caves, Guilin, China

Sometimes, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking. When it comes to caves, […]

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Nagasaki at night

“There Was A Large Light” – A Nagasaki Survivor Speaks

There was a large light. I fell. And then no-one came to rescue us. Nagasaki, […]

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Water Puppets and Bringing Vietnam to Life

In the beginning, there was… A dragon. Well, at least a dragon king from the […]

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The Ice Palace Underground

High on a mountaintop yet far underground lies an frosty, wintry, rub-your-eyes-with-childlike-wonder honest to god […]

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Doorways into Egypt

Egypt: One of History’s Greatest Jigsaw Puzzles

Aswan For over two thousand years people have stood where I’m standing now. And yet […]

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First Impressions of Burma / Myanmar

It was just before midnight. Our slow procession blinked past the checkpoint, wisps of hair […]

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The Man Who Makes Baubles for the Pope

Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft. At 40 letters long, Weinachtsbaumschmuckausstattungsgeschäft’s the longest word there is, at least on the snowy-sweet streets of Basel. And while…

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Why I HAVEN’T Quit my Job to Travel the World Full-Time

Today’s guest post is by Lillie Marshall.  She  is an energetic, six-foot tall Boston Teacher who […]

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Interview with Shark Photographer, Liv Gaunt

How did you get into shark photography? Did the photography come first or the sharks?

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Asukasa golden dragon

Swastikas & Smoke: Sensoji in Japan

I love this photo. I love the smoke, I love the skin creases…

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The Sounds of the Sand Dollar Orchestra, The Grenadines

A surprise encounter in the Grenadines…

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Break it down and take it with you

The Day I Held the Iron Curtain In My Hand

Sometimes things go wrong in life. The printer at the car hire company breaks, the sat nav doesn’t work, the

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Budapest Parliament. This Is What Democracy Looks Like

You have to put yourself in my shoes.

Boots, really, with thick rubber soles to keep out the cold and to keep a foothold on the ice. Boots that worked hard and worked fast, striding between commuters in a winter-worn Budapest. Five feet, six inches above them, a troubled mind tangled through what it had just seen.

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How to make candy - heart

How to Make Candy – Sugar Lessons in Sweden

Picture the scene. You’re walking through a Swedish market, your young daughter holding your hand. She sees row upon row of sweet candy canes, bright luminescent swirls of sugar and mint that gleam in scarlet and white, holly leaf green and ivy, forming…

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Wieliczka Salt Mine Staircase

Secrets in Salt: The Wieliczka Salt Mines

“Are you ready?” asks Christopher, a guide from the nearby village of Wieliczka. He’s cloaked in a long charcoal jacket and blowing on his hands to keep warm. For a giant-sized man, he uses a soft voice. “Because once we start, I will not be able to talk to you. And you will not be able to turn back.”

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Siniyet Kafta early stages Jordanian Food

Jordanian Food: Sumac, Spice & Slice

The older I get, the more I enjoy cooking classes. With an opening statement like that, I’m in danger of

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Petra, Jordan

The Horses of Petra, Jordan

Dust rose from the ground as the horse thundered past and the sun began its ablutions. It painted pinks and pomegranates, amber, pistachio, charcoal and soft apricot rust across the walls of Petra before calling it a day and turning in for an early night…

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About Istanbul Sky View

About Istanbul: Crossing Between Europe & Asia

A man casts a glance over his shoulder before arching back and casting his line into the water. The street chatter and rush hour traffic drown out the subtle splash but from the look on his face, you’d think he stood alone in the countryside, miles from anyone, miles from anywhere.

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Growing up on one side of the iron curtain

Where in the world is Ljubljana? What the #IronRoute is all about.

In 1989 the Berlin Wall fell. I was at school at the time and I wasn’t entirely sure what all the fuss was about. Fast forward through the years and despite – or perhaps because of – having studied it briefly, watched the odd Bond film and read plenty of spy thrillers (both fact and fiction,) I’m still not all that sure.
Then There’s Ljubljana…

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