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red bull at formula one toro rosso

Formula One and the Illusion of Speed

Speed. It thrills when it’s loud, when it feels real, when it’s up close. Fast isn’t just about Formula One, it’s become the keyword for modern life. Faster internet connections, faster food, faster travel and faster friendships.

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Red Bull at the Valencia Formula One Grand Prix

The Valencia Grand Prix: Inside the Safety Car

Last year, I was lucky enough to travel inside the Formula One Paddock and interview Lotus race engineer Gianluca Pisanello.

This year, I bring you the view from the track from inside the safety car…

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Photos of the Arts & Sciences Complex in Valencia at Night

Valencia By Night

Valencia. By the hand of fortune, the destiny of throwing rotten tomatoes and

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Benidorm Church At Night

Benidorm & A Cultural Awakening

Benidorm. I first learned that word in the UK, as a shortcut for everything that’s wrong with the travel industry. High-rise tower blocks, pissed-up Brits, vomiting and racist insults. Tourists expecting everyone to understand English…

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Living Like a Rock Star – Benicassim FIB 2010 in Photos

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tired, but as the security guards shine a torch on my pass and I stride around that corner…

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The Best of the Benicassim Festival – Behind the Scenes at FIB

It’s a surreal feeling, to come this close. For although the eyes of thousands are watching him, someone now watches me.

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5 Gorgeous Photos of Spain from the Sky

The small town of Benicassim on the northeast coast of Spain hosts the annual music festival, FIB. In between catching the likes of Kasabian, the Gorillaz and Dizzee Rascal, I had the chance to take to the skies…

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In The Spotlight with Kasabian

The air in Benicassim throbs with heat, with screams, with expectation. Overhead somewhere, the sky must be thick with darkness but right here, right now…

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Does Size Matter? Inside Europe’s Largest Aquarium…

The Oceanográfico forms part of the spectacular City of Arts & Sciences complex in Valencia. As the largest aquarium in Europe…it makes me uneasy.

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The Real Face of Formula One

“A lot of people talk about the F1 bubble,” says Tom, as reporters walk past in jeans and T-shirts…

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Street Art in Valencia

Valencia has plenty of street art. Whether you think about it in conventional terms, conjuring up the “graffiti” from Bristol’s edgiest neighbourhood, or in alternative terms…

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Inside Action at the Valencia Grand Prix

“It’s about to get extremely loud in here, guys,” says the Lotus spokesman. “Really loud.” I’m in the Lotus Formula One team garage – and with…

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Horchata vs Globalisation

I’m delighted to know that even in this Coca-Cola world, travel can still show me some new tricks.

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Revenge of the Killer Tomato

I’ve survived raw and ready steak tartare, reheated animal parts floating in jars and dismembered amphibeans.

But the tomato has floored me.

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