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From endangered species to wild open spaces, this wildlife tag gathers together the travel blog posts from Inside the Travel Lab that tackle life out in the wild! Read on for great photos, stories, tips and more.

Cute Kangaroo photos

7 Cute Photos of Kangaroos

Well, now. I started off with a clever idea. Then a quizzy idea. Then a […]

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Can You Tell What It Is Yet? A Crucial Animal Quiz in Australia

G’day readers. I’m in Australia, and after a couple of super city slick days in […]

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Cow on fields in Pembrokeshire

Tooty Down for a Cwtch – And Other Welsh Words of Love

Cwtch, Pembrokeshire To the uninitiated, cwtch does not sound like a pleasant word. For those […]

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Puffin Skomer Island

A Puffin on Skomer Island

Wow. I found puffins on Skomer Island in Pembrokeshire yesterday and I’m still grinning at […]

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Buffalo and Yacht Hong Kong

The Beach with the Buffalo, Hong Kong

Lantau, Hong Kong On Lantau Island at the mouth of the Pearl River, the buffalo […]

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Abi next to Termite Mound

Magnetic Termite Mounds – An Unexpected Attraction

Ah, how the science of language confounds us. Three words, two feelings. At least that’s […]

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Moving house crab in the Maldives

Moving House…

Today I moved house. And as I clamber over cardboard boxes in search of tea […]

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Deck to the Malives Sheraton

Photo Safari from a Deckchair in the Maldives

Sometimes, you have to work hard to see wildlife. And when I say sometimes, I […]

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Interview with Shark Photographer, Liv Gaunt

How did you get into shark photography? Did the photography come first or the sharks?

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sunrise kakadu

Sunrise in Kakadu, Australia

Right now I’m at the airport, dashing to repack and catch my flight. Shorts and…

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Atlantis found005

Why You Shouldn’t Kill A Shark

Mike Rutzen dives with Brad Pitt and occasionally with sharks, or perhaps…

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Atlantis found002

Atlantis Found – The Ties Between Three Islands

The truth behind the photos at Atlantis…

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Private island profiling

Sleeping Inside A Volcano – Desroches: A Private Island in the Seychelles

The sand I’m standing on is soft and bleached, the type that squeaks beneath your soles if you walk too fast.

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Pink rose in HIppocampe Hotel Morocco

The Dry Side of Morocco

So much of Morocco reminds me of Andalucia. The heat, the orange-red earth, the metal lanterns, intricate tiles…

Both, too, wear a mixture of myth and mystery…

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bird Sanctuary close up

The Eye of the Ibis – Inside a Bird Sanctuary

Birds. With one stretch of their wings they can soar and glide through the sky with a majesty and freedom that man (and woman) can still only dream of. They are majestic, magnificent and make driving home for Christmas seem insignificant when compared to their staggering migratory paths.

They also freak me out…

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Keep Going - Birds over Okavango

How to Keep Going

I’m never quite sure what to say when Easter swings around. It sashays onto the calendar in many parts of the world, yet it’s interpreted in so many different ways. As a time for sorrow, prayer and then jubilation. As a time for eating a lot of chocolate and trying not to cheat when playing hunt-the-eggs…

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Desroches Lizard

Desroches Island: The Seychelles in the Sun

Raindrops decorated most of my days in the Seychelles, the days passing beneath skies streaked with charcoal, while

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Desroches Island Flower

Desroches Island – Raindrops in the Seychelles

Rain. When I first arrived on Desroches Island, the rain stalked and prowled and lurked around like the relentless soundtrack from a gothic horror film. Yet all the malevolence and theatre of the sky couldn’t…

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Abigail King in an underwater video

Underwater Videos: Testing the Olympus TG-610

As it turns out, once you’ve made the jump (ahem) into the water to take still photos with a piece of technology, it’s then very easy to switch to the video mode and…

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Monkey at the Batu Caves

Secrets of the Batu Caves, Malaysia – A Photo Story

When I first caught the expression of this monkey, poised and watchful, I imagined to myself he might be

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