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From Istanbul to Berlin by Train – Zigzagging Across the Former Iron Curtain on the #ironroute

Ironroute banner - from Istanbul to Berlin by train

Across the former Iron Curtain: From Istanbul to Berlin by train.

This page aims to show both how and why. It’s a work in progress as I write up the entire project but it’s where I’ll put all the links, guides, tips and stories that will hopefully make the whole project make sense.

The trip was sponsored by InterRail

Developing the Iron Route

The Original Iron Route

The Iron Route Begins

Places on the Iron Route

About Istanbul: Crossing from Europe into Asia

Ten Things You Never Knew About Ljubljana, Slovenia

Three Flavours of Trieste, Italy

History of the Iron Curtain

Trieste: Sadness at the Start of the Iron Curtain

The Iron Route Journey

A Shooting in Istanbul

Sofia, Bulgaria: Empty & Lost

Longing for Ljubljana: From Trieste to Ljubljana

From Zagreb to Budapest: A Tale of One City

Hitting the Wall – Reaching Berlin

Local Flavour

The Best Christmas Markets in the World



Photos of Istanbul

Photos of Sofia, Bulgaria