A Thousand Christmas Trees

By Abi King | Christmas Markets and Traditions

Dec 13

Christmas Trees in Jersey (8)Or…The Parish of Around About (But We’re Not Quite Sure) 100 Christmas Trees. Let’s face it, that doesn’t make for such an eye-catching title but it does make for a fascinating visit. For inside the church of St Peter’s in Jersey, not only do you find a hefty dose of Christmas cheer and more than seventy, er, eclectically decorated Christmas trees but you’ll also find an expression of community, hope, inspiration and peace. Not to mention a creative use of coat hangers.

Not vomiting yet? Good, you shouldn’t be. Look to the right, look to the left and banish for five minutes your usual cynicism and world weariness. For in these photos – and inside the softly lit, school-choir backed shadows of St Peter’s – lie some comforting thoughts for us all. Wherever we’re from. Whatever we believe. (Ignore the faith specific words if they bother you and focus on the words that should matter to us all.)

Ultimately, these photos symbolise someone thinking of someone other than themselves. From the sailor hats to the pharmacy spoons to the glittery gold shoe shop contributions…to the clearly serious famine relief, suicide prevention and international peace keeping forces.

Yes, it’s easy – and necessary – to carp and criticize. But it’s also crucial, I think, to notice when people are trying to make the world better in whatever way they can.

So, hush…Fill your mind with calming music and gratitude. Smile at these photos. And then dream up just how you’re going to do whatever you can to make the world better for 2013. Better yet, for 2012.

What are you waiting for?

Christmas Tree from a Shoe Shop

Christmas Tree Message of Hope

Fair Trade Christmas Tree

Wise Words…

Christmas Tree Trefoil

White Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree from the local rowing club

Church of 1000 Christmas Trees

No Christmas Tree But Still Cute

The over the top disclosure…I was in Jersey on assignment, thus my expenses were paid in part by the Jersey Tourist Board. However, entry to this festive slice of fun is completely free. Totally tedious small print available on the disclosure link. Merry Christmas!

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