The New Cupcake Quest

By Abi King | Europe

Apr 17

Leipzig Cupcake-4

I’m just back from Leipzig – and I have a new quest. Several serious business plans, a book idea or two, a shaping up manuscript and a project that’s so close to launching that my fingertips are dancing across the desktop, restless, excited, just waiting to be able to tell you what it is…

But I can’t.

Not just yet.

Instead I’m going to focus on cupcakes for a while. Let me tell you why…

Everyone loves a cupcake…

This is Thomas Hiller, a cupcaketeer who runs a cupcake shop in Leipzig called Mintastique. His wife was visiting London back in 2009 and observed a holy trinity of London commuter behaviour: coffee in the one hand, a bite to go in the other, and a newspaper clasped beneath the armpit.

More and more often, said bite to go became a cupcake. (Apparently the trend spread across from the States at the start of the century. I was one of the last to hear about it but did so in one of the most delightful ways.)

Diana - Mintastique cupcakes

By 2012 he, along with his wife and mother in law, Diana, threw open the doors of Mintastique and let the cupcake love in to Leipzig ( a part of old East Germany with more of a reputation for street art than sugar. That and being the former stomping ground for one Johann Sebastian Bach.)

No filter, just colour: the Fischer street art scene in

Fischer Street Art in Leipzig

All of which is a nice little story but what does it have to do with you? (Besides simply enjoying cupcakes?)

When asked what Hiller thinks about his new enterprise, he answered thus:

I love making cupcakes. And I love making people happy

Good advice for a career and business plan, I would say. Perhaps even a step towards world peace (provided we cupcake in moderation. No use saving the world but succumbing to diabetes if we can avoid it after all.)

Decorated cake pops

And so, surrounded by historical musical genius, edgy creative art and a sweet taste of business success, here’s my challenge to you.

Go make a life where you both do something you enjoy and do something to make people happy.

And if you get the chance, drop in to Mintastique in Leipzig for a swirl-topped cupcake of perfection.

As for me? I’m going to start cataloguing cool cupcakes I find around the world – one swirl at a time.

But first, I’m going to knuckle down and write that business plan. And get on and write that book.

Over to you.

Raspberry cupcakes

Disclosure – I found these lovely cupcakes on a food tour organised by Eat-The-World.Com. They invited me to explore Leipzig’s sudvorstadt on a taster (badaoom-bash!) tour of their more usual three hour tours. All words, themes, business plans and cupcake photos remain mine. As always. As ever.

Rose cupcakes


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The first one looks positively delicious. I’ve been on a cupcake quest myself for quite a few years now!

    Abi King June 1, 2014

    Haha! Well – I am happy to be joining you!

Darlene April 18, 2014

They all look so yummy! Here in Vancouver, BC it’s a coffee, a muffin and a newspaper. We are always looking for the best muffin (Tasty and wholesome) Look forward to seeing more wonderful cupcakes on your post.

    Abi King June 1, 2014

    Make that tea, muffin and a newspaper and I’m sold!

cvail April 21, 2014

Looks delicious, and yes, making people happy is a great business plan!

Rebecca April 22, 2014

simply can not go wrong with cup cakes!

MACH May 6, 2014

Mouthwatering works of art! Thanks for sharing.

    Abi King June 1, 2014

    You’re very welcome

This just made me so hungry! I wish I could find decent cupcakes (or any desserts) in my current home country of Korea haha..

Abi King June 1, 2014

Ah, yes, I know the feeling. Though I haven’t yet made it to Korea I have lived in places where, how shall we put it? Savoury has been more important than sweet?! Enjoy Korea – the cupcakes will be waiting for you on your return.

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