The Worst Place to Have A Good Time?

By Abi King | From The Heart

Jul 27

ReinventYourselfThis week I’m heading to Nuremberg, the place Hitler called “the most German of all cities.” It was here that he staged his mass Nazi rallies. Here that the Reichstag passed the infamous “Nuremberg Laws,” stripping Jews of their rights and leading to the holocaust. And here where Nazi officers were tried and executed for their actions in one of mankind’s darkest hours.

But that’s not why I’m going. Or at least not this time.

This time, I’m going to have fun.

The Worst Place to Have A Good Time?

Nuremberg: Dark Past, Bright Future

I actually stopped in Nuremberg last summer in the midst of a photography assignment with Eurail that swept between Geneva and Bremen, Bologna and Florence. Short on time, I hopped on a bus and made it to the outskirts of the city to walk through those infamous rally grounds.

Unsettled, I returned to walk through the centre of town, with just one evening to have dinner, write up my notes, back up my photos and get some sleep before the next train across the border.

But what I saw in those short few hours was one of the unexpected beauties that travel can bring, creeping up on me like the sweet orange flames of sunset at the end of a quiet but productive day.

Streetlights in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, the centre, is beautiful. Full of period houses and narrow streets, bridges and a cathedral, not to mention the energy of youth, design, diversity and culture.


Nuremberg 052

And so this year I’m going back. Back to do the place justice, so to speak (and yes, I’m also planning to visit the law courts this time.)

But I’m also going to have a look at the present and the future in the shape of the Nuremberg Bardentreffen Singer Songwriter Festival. That’s right, the Must Love Festivals project I told you about a little while ago has been strumming along merrily and now it’s my turn to join in the summer of sun.

So, if you’re interested in hearing about a stunning and unappreciated European city, about music from around the world, and yes, given the history, a little about how a place can reconcile past horrors with a future that’s worth living for then please follow along!


So, after months of ill health and recuperation, I’m about to hit the road again. I hope you’ll join me there!


Image Credits: Reinvent Yourself from Shutterstock. All the rest are mine!

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