Time to Stop and Scrunch the Leaves – Hidcote Gardens England

By Abi King | From The Heart

Nov 02

white flower Hidcote gardens
Busy, busy, busy. Somehow, for some reason, in many places in the world we’ve created a culture that glorifies busy.

I live in one of said cultures.

And am utterly prone to the busy disease.

So many things to do and get done in the world, so little time.

So when I saw a link appear on Twitter titled “the importance of doing nothing” I was intrigued.

I clicked.

And lo and behold was directed to my very own blog to read something that I had written my very own self.

A message if ever there was one (you can read the post here, by the way.)

So that, combined with readers asking why I never write much about the UK led me to this post.

Hidcote Gardens, England

I hope that wherever you are, you take time to stop and scrunch the leaves this autumn.

I’ll be back with the far flung places and stories soon enough.


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