Valencia By Night

By Abi King | Inspire Me

Jun 27

Photos of the Arts & Sciences Complex in Valencia at Night

Valencia’s Arts & Sciences Complex

Valencia. By the hand of fortune, the destiny of throwing rotten tomatoes and the hot rubber of Formula One, Valencia has enticed me here four times now and counting. Yet, however diverse my reasons for stopping by,  there’s always one place I make time to see: the City of Arts & Sciences, the Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias.

It’s like seeing an old friend, if that friend were the architectural equivalent of George Clooney carrying a bottle of champagne and preparing to accept an Oscar. Its spine snakes through the Spanish heat, while the blue and glass curves shimmer in the water.

By night, it’s even more spectacular. Silhouetted figures stride across the horizon, poised, it seems, to become villains in a James Bond extravaganza.

Yet to my shame (and for all my familiarity with the place,) I realised that I’ve never posted photos of the Arts & Sciences complex here on Inside the Travel Lab. Which is a pity.

Not only because of the buildings, but also because of their name.

Exploring the art and science of unusual journeys. The city of arts and sciences.

It says it all, we’re meant to be.

Now if only that applied to George Clooney…

Valencia by Night

Spine of the Arts and Sciences Building, Valencia


Whole arts and sciences complex in valencia

Silhouette Arts & Sciences Valencia

VA Night Reflection

Bond girls at the Valencia Arts & Sciences Complex

On this occasion, I visited Valencia as a guest of the Valencia Tourist Board.


Lola 4 years ago

Great photos! It’s hard to find a different point of view of a place I’ve seen so many times, but you did an amazing job! I miss Valencia, my city! I hope you had a good time!

    Abi King 4 years ago

    I had a wonderful time in Valencia, thank you!

Jimmy Pons 4 years ago

This are great photos Abi, in this magic place there is always a good spot to do a great picture, even if I’ve been there many times it always surprise me :-) It was great to see you again in Valencia!

    Abi King 4 years ago

    Great to see you, too. Hasta luego!

Nancie 3 years ago

What a stunning set of shots!

    Abi King a couple of years ago

    Thank you

Jeff @ Go Travelzing a couple of years ago

Great pictures. I wish I had made it there at night. It was amazing during the day but it looks totally different at night. I really liked Valencia.

Abi King a couple of years ago

I love Valencia – it’s a shame that you didn’t get to see it at night but at least you got see it at all. I’m always surprised by how little it’s known. To my mind, this night view beats Tokyo and Shanghai for example…Ah well. Our secret ;-)

Adam a couple of years ago

Lovely photos! We had been to Valencia only during the day so I really miss the great atmosphere of Ciudad de Artes y Sciencia in the evening =( I wanted to make the pictures with the buildings reflected off the water. Valencia is beautiful city and I only reccomend visiting it.

Mark @ last year

Stunning pics. Valencia is on my to-do list for a long time, hopefully this summer I can finally enjoy Calatrava’s spectacular work…

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