And So I Walked the Path of the Gods, Italy

By Abi King | Italy

Oct 06

Right now I’m in Sorrento. It’s a multicoloured town that clings to the hills and coastline of a spot in southern Italy. Today the colours are muted; the rain has chased them away. Its deep grey clouds followed me over the mountains as I left the Bay of Dreams but I escaped them into sunshine as I strode the Pathway of the Gods.(These are not my poetic fancies; they are the translated Italian names.)

It’s been a beautiful week of walking, of photography, of some time offline and of grove after grove of lemons, olives, figs and rosemary-edged trees bearing fuzzy-skinned kiwi.

And I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

The Path of the Gods

But first I must get home, shower, launder and hit the road again. In a travel plan bound to baffle the passport inspectorate, I fly out again tomorrow. To the cities and safari plains of South Africa to deepen my knowledge of its democracy as it almost comes of age and to stare wide-eyed at its own sweeping canvas of nature.

If you’re into the Twitter thing, you can follow along using the hashtag #SALab.

But if you’d prefer instead to dream of fresh basil and sun-sweetened tomato, turquoise coasts, wet earth, ceramic signposts and the buzz of a bottle green vespa as it climbs the swerving slopes…then hopefully these photos will help to fire your dreams. I snapped them on my iPhone as I climbed and stepped and (ahem) tasted this slice of southern Italian soil.

Enjoy. I’ll be back with full photos and articles soon…


UPDATE: Read the full article on walking the Amalfi Coast here. 

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Disclosure – I travelled around Amalfi in part thanks to Headwater Holidays who specialise in relaxing activity tours. More about my experience with them later too…

Have you travelled along the Amalfi Coast? What did you think?

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