15 Things Travel Taught Me in 2015

By Abi King | From The Heart

Dec 18

15 Things Travel Taught Me in 2015 via @insidetravellab

Things Travel Taught Me

Ooph. Well, it’s been a clunky, clamorous year. And we’ve nearly made it to the end, which in itself is always something of a miracle and cause for merry celebration!

2015 was a year that, for me, included its fair share of brilliance, heartache and just dogged, slogging, jogging work too (not to mention a recent fixation with typing the letter G. Eggnog anyone?!)

So, if you enjoy a spot of time travel then head back and look at the previous years.

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Abi King in Mexico

Mexico: A few years ago…

Otherwise, let’s just get to it!

15 Things Travel Taught Me in 2015

1 – That giraffe tongues snuffle. And that their hair feels tough and wiry.

2 – That Pride Rock from The Lion King was based on a real place.

3 – And that there are places in Nevada where wild horses run free.

4 – That it’s always good to give a city a second chance.

5 – And even better to do so with friends.

Giraffe through window at Giraffe Manor Kenya from @insidetravellab

6 – That time twists in and around and on itself, with every year feeling shorter than before. 2015 marked the 10 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina…

7 – And we’re now over 100 years since the start of the First World War.

8 – That the man who sang What A Wonderful World had many reasons to think the opposite.

9 – And that one of the most famous writers about Dublin wasn’t welcome there much in his time.

Wild horses at Mustang Monument in Nevada

10 – That Vancouver is achingly beautiful.

11 – And that maple syrup comes in plastic sealed tubs.

12 – That the rules of rodeo reach from Texas all the way to the Canadian Wild West.

13 – And that people genuinely call themselves cowboys.

Spetses Island Greece from @insidetravellab

14 – That we should have a colour scheme that we call Greek blue.

15 – And that the Emerald Isles have well earned their name.

16 – That I’m better at sports than I thought: from solo cycling in Austria to trying my hand (and luck) at Gaelic hurling in Ireland.

17 – That the KGB was real. I mean, of course, I knew that it was but the sight of history itself reaches further than Hollywood films. Usually.

18 – That eastern Europe Latvia doesn’t rely on cold cabbage for food.

19 – And nor does Greece, as it happens (Athens has its own arty food museum.)

The beautiful beach from San Sebastian Spain to the Balenciaga Museum via @insidetravellab

20 – That there’s a new sweet French treat I’d never even heard about…

21 – And that champagne bottles aren’t French.

22 – That windswept beaches can hide the secrets to success.

23 – As can pirates and the secrets of gin.

24 – That there is no end to my love for olives. 

25 – Nor for taking photos of the baobab trees of Madagascar. 

Baobab trees in Madagascar- via @insidetravellab

26 – That there are some advantages to being alone.

27 – Or of wandering along a river without a plan. Or indeed a “digital detox” as the kids these days seem to say.

28 – That you can cycle through a cloudforest…

29 – Swim in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

30 – Make a living as a clown…

31 – And voyage through the Galapagos to find a Blue Footed Booby

Sandy sea lions in Galapagos from @insidetravellab

32 – That every freedom required a fight

33 – And that every masterpiece deserves a sight with your own eyes.

34 – That life may indeed get harder but that its richness never fades.

35 – And that I, after all these years, still get carried away. And to the world, year in, year out, appear that I cannot count.

Here’s to the last days of 2015 everyone. May you have health, happiness and hefty alliteration :-)



What did 2015 teach you?

Travel quote- life may indeed get harder but its richness never fades via @insidetravellab

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