7 of the Best Photos of Cities at Night

By Abi King | Travel Lists

Mar 29

To celebrate the theme of “night”, here are seven of my favourite photos of cities at night – each radiant in their own way and shining a light on the imagination of humanity. - via @insidetravellab

When darkness spreads her cloak across the night, the fields fall silent and the stars begin to shine. In the cities, however, something different happens. Billboards blaze and candles flicker, neon buzzes and halogen strides into town like it owns the place.

To celebrate the theme of “night” on this week’s #FriFotos, here are seven of my favourite photos of cities at night – each radiant in their own way and shining a light on the imagination of humanity.

7 of the Best Photos of Cities at Night

Singapore by Night via @insidetravellab

1) Singapore by Night

While I don’t hold to the notion that Singapore is sterile, I can understand how the idea started. Just look at these artificial trees built on reclaimed land glowing with light in an orchestrated night show.

Candle Festival Malta

Streets of Malta dripping with candles during the Birgu Festival

2) Birgu, Malta by Night

In Malta, on the other hand, residents opt for lower level illumination. Once a year they tie candles to door frames, window sills and street steps to make their city sparkle during the Candle Festival, Malta.

Dark Petra by night

Petra By Night

3) Petra, Jordan by Night

Quieter still are the flickers at Petra by Night, as candles glow softly in white paper bags in front of the 1800 year old Nabotean facade.

Tokyo by night from @insidetravellab

4) Tokyo at Night

Despite dripping with neon and scraping the sky elsewhere, Tokyo impresses the most with these traditional lanterns in the alleyways at night in Shinjuku.

Quito by Night on @insidetravellab

Quito by Night-1

5) Quito by Night

Quito, by contrast, falls silent at night. At daybreak, pigeons flutter across this colonial cobbled square. Children play and hawkers hawk and parents carry piñatas under their arms in the shape of Elsa from Frozen or the ears of Mickey Mouse. But after dark, the city sleeps. It needs to, days here in Ecuador often get started even before six.

Snowy Krakow from St Mary's via @insidetravellab

Krakow’s Song

6)Krakow by Night

At ground level in Krakow, raw pink and purple lights pulse into the vodka-warmed streets where shadows lead to staircases that crawl into underground clubs. 54 metres above the ground, however, Krakow at night relives a tradition that’s been going for a thousand years…

Paris at Night via @insidetravellab

7) Paris by Night

Because, ah…Paris. I know your countrymen hate you…but to me, you’ll always be beautiful.

Good night all!

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  • shripad nadkarni says:

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pictures of cities . looking forward to visit Malta in 2015 with my family during Summer holidays

    • Abi says:

      Ah…Malta is SO beautiful…but rarely at night, which is why I think the candle festival spoke to me so much. Have a wonderful time this summer…

  • De'Jav says:

    Nice pictures and thanks for sharing. Quito and Paris two cities I’ve been and must agree with you.

  • rebecca says:

    how could any one possibly pick a favourite. Great shots

  • Becky Padmore says:

    Beautiful and so atmospheric!

  • ivy kriste says:

    Mind blowing pictures. I love to wander around well lit city scapes…

  • Aijika says:

    I love black. or i love the way your shots? :)
    You have a incredible Great skill in photography , all angle are awesome! me, i want to improve my skills to photography.
    You inspired mo to do my desire. :D

  • Quito stunned me! You have such great photos ;)
    I remember cities like Valencia and Barcelona, which flared up during the dark hours. Life starts in the dark hours in those parts of Spain.

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