7 of the Best River Cruise Views

By Abi King | Trip Advice

Nov 14

The Best River Cruise Views

Hopping on a river cruise allows for easy access to some of the world’s best cities, without the need to unpack or queue your way through airport security. But when it comes to just watching the world go buy, a river cruise with a view seems all the better, somehow.

Luckily, the world has no shortage of beautiful places.

Nor river cruise companies to take you there.

But here, tried and tested, are 7 of the best river cruise views in the world. How many have you seen?

Paris at Night via @insidetravellab

Paris: beautiful from any angle

Budapest: A River Cruise View with Golden Grandeur

Few places can rival the majesty of arriving in Budapest on the Danube at night: gothic spires, glittering intrigue and a sense of east reawakened from west. Disembark to explore Hungary’s complicated past, to set your eyes on those magnificent crown jewels and to avail yourself of the city’s many thermal baths.

Vancouver: A River Cruise View with Wilderness in the City Centre

The city of Vancouver on Canada’s western side blends striking emerald peaks with deep blue water and chrome city chic. Immerse yourself in First Nations art and culture, get wild and wet on the many different waterways, relive the past and prohibition or scoop up great bites to eat in the trendiest restaurants in town. Here are 7 unusual things to do in Vancouver. 

Prague: A River Cruise View with Smoky Stone History

The strong, silent characters that wait on Charles Bridge, or Karluv Most as it’s known locally, have something of a presence. Whether appearing in the shadows on Mission Impossible or in the background of a thousand tourist snaps, this Vltava riverside view of Prague anchors the city’s past and present. For an unusual look at the city, head to the Communist Museum (above McDonalds) or check out the John Lennon wall. 

Singapore River Cruise View via @insidetravellab

Singapore and its spaceship view…

New York City: A River Cruise View with Lady Liberty Herself

All together now…New Yooooooork….! Start spreading the news…I’m leaving today…

Few cities have captured worldwide attention in quite the same way as the Big Apple. With a skyline filmed a million times over, it’s still the sight of the lady in green, holding her flame high that symbolises both the city and the idea of a gateway to America herself. 

Paris: A River Cruise View with A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

At the other end of the spectrum (and, incidentally, a river view with its own, much smaller Statue of Liberty to boot) there is Paris. Where New York screams pizazz, panache and the land of opportunity, Paris soothes with tones of love, light and the leafy Champs-Elysees. Yet beyond the classics of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the glinting glass pyramid of the Louvre, Paris can still surprise. Take these 7 unusual things to do in Paris, for example.

Take in Sydney's fascinating culture as well as the beautiful opera house

Take in Sydney’s fascinating culture as well as the beautiful opera house

Sydney: A River Cruise View with Sharks and Stylish Opera

Welllll, technically Sydney Harbour is an inlet of the Tasman Sea, but cruise past the sails of the Opera House and harp-like Sydney Harbour Bridge and either it will feel as though you’re on a river cruise or the view will be so beautiful, you simply won’t care. The natural harbour has over 240 kilometres of shoreline, offering up activities from kayaking to chic city bars, archaeological digs and more.

Singapore: A Spaceship River Cruise View

With a spaceship hotel looming high, an architectural white flower at ground level and a curious merlion spraying water into the waves, it’s hard, if not impossible, to accuse Singapore of having a subdued approach to its riverside views. On dry land, enjoy the ritzy glitzy bars or else take the more unusual path to taste grass jelly, cycle amid the jungle or surf the wooden Henderson waves…Find out more about unusual things to do in Singapore here.

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Explore 7 of the best river cruise views around the world - via @inisdetravellab

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