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The Best Travel Photo Blogs for You 2019

Here it is at last: the best travel photo blog list for 2019. Years have passed since I first wrote this article, laid up on crutches and longing to see the world through my screen. 

Many travel photographers have migrated to instagram, of course, and left their travel photo blogs behind. But a few pioneering souls carry on: bringing in-depth words to the amazing images they capture and share. 

Let’s look back at the best travel photo blogs of 2014. And see where they are now…

Best travel photo blogs cover image

5 of the Best Travel Photo Blogs

1) Ken Kaminesky

Updated: Ken now runs travel photography tours, if you fancy learning from him directly!

Original: Ken’s photos really make me feel alive. They capture the thrill of seeing something for the first time, when every little detail dazzles, at that point before a certain scene becomes “routine.” Read more about his travels on the Ken Kaminesky website over here.

Tuscany Landscape - Ken Kaminesky Tuscan Lanscape

2) The Planet D

Leopard in Kenya Rock waves USA National Park 

Updated: the Adventure Couple continue to go from strength to strength as one of the world’s best travel photo blogs. Even a broken back hasn’t held them back!

Original: Dave and Deb from the Planet D (D as in Dave and Deb, not “planetd” as a 21st century verb abbreviation) inspire people all over the world.  They pull off all kinds of dangerous stunts and yet still manage to rustle up outstanding images like these. Read more about their mission to inspire you to do the same.

3) Lola Akinmade

Huskies in SwedenWitch doctor in South Africa by Lola AkinmadeUpdated: Lola continues to win award after award. This interview with Photoshelter sums it up well: Nigerian-Born Lọlá Ákínmádé Åkerström Is Exactly What Contemporary Travel Photography Needs

Original: Lola’s blog at Geotraveler’s Niche opens with this quote from E.E.Cummings:

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else, is to fight the hardest battle you are ever going to fight. Never stop fighting.”

Both her words and photos document her own fight and those of the people she meets as she travels the world, seemingly on her own terms in her own way. Often thought-provoking, always beautiful.

4) Gary Arndt

Flaming torch, Sierra Leone Freetown, Sierra Leone – Gary ArndtGirls at Indian Holi Festival, Singapore - Gary Arndt Girls at Indian Holi Festival, Singapore 

Updated: Not only is Gary still going strong, he’s now offering a travel photo eBook for you to download to free. 

Original: Unlike the other three mentioned so far, Gary never spent time in the freelance photography or filming business. Instead, he sold up shop in 2007 and has been travelling the world ever since. He’s a man who likes to control his own destiny and spends time seeking out those places that few people manage to get to. He’s scooped up awards left, right and centre for his photography and was listed in Time Magazine as one of the top blogs in the world, full stop. Read more on his blog Everything Everywhere.

5) Richard Bernabe

Radiance by Richard Bernabe

Updated: Still going strong, Richard Bernabe continues his travel photo blog with images from Cinque Terre and Namibia.

Original: Richard’s work is another of my new discoveries. He seems to be the wilderness whisperer in terms of how he captures landscape and wild animals around the world. Feast your eyes on his work on the Richard Bernabe site over here.

Dusk Quivers by Richard Bernabe

The Original Post on the Best Travel Photo Blogs – 2014

Many of you say sweet things about my travel photography. I love travel, and I love photography. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that I love travel photography.

And while I can definitely see that my own travel photos have improved over the years, I’m also crisply aware of how far they still have to go.

For inspiration, for pleasure, and for delight in the world around me, while I can’t travel myself, it’s hard to beat looking at fantastic travel photos.

Looking at them, gazing at them, closing my eyes and rolling around in them…

And having spent so much time  soaring through webland to find them, it would be a tad stingy to keep the best to myself.

So here, in my opinion, are the 7 best travel photography blogs out there.

Some I’ve only just found, others I’ve known for years. But what they all have in common is an enveloping sense of far flung adventure, insight, close inspection and oodles of individual style.

But enough from me – let’s set your retinas on fire with delight. Here they are:

In search of the best travel photo blogs for the future

Instagram is fun. But I still prefer a good travel photo blog. Any to recommend?

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