A Blast of Encouragement

By Abi King | Inspire Me

Aug 23

Hot air balloon

What gets you to sit up, to pay attention and to try that little bit harder?

What things inspire you? What fires you up and leaves you feeling fitter, stronger and ready to take on the world?

I ask you now for a number of reasons.

If you’ll allow me to explain…

When the going gets tough…the tough hide under the table*

2016 has given me a good old battering in the emotional and physical stakes. Emotionally, I stand on the brink of expecting my first child after a struggle that has gone on for years. A dream that had turned to despair, a dream that I began to lose faith would come true. A dream that still stands on so much hope, pure hope, rather than a safe and solid foundation. A dream that remains a dream, but that may just turn into reality in only a few weeks time.

Physically, well, I stand on the brink of there have been difficulties, deep difficulties, but I’m not in the mood to go through them right now.

Elaphiti Islands-15

Let’s Talk Motivation

No, let’s talk about motivation and feeling good instead. It’s great to write about it and talk about it when you feel good. It’s even better to have something to come back and read when you don’t.

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely sliver of news. It made me smile at the time but a while passed before I felt well enough to really enjoy it.

Inside the Travel Lab, my little project that turns seven this year, has been shortlisted for an award by none other than National Geographic Traveller in the category of none other than Best Travel Blog in the World.



Inside the Travel Lab nominated by National Geographic Traveller

Nominated by National Geographic Traveller

Yes, of course, professional recognition isn’t the be all and end all of life. It’s not even close. You can live a happy, fulfilling live without it.

But when it happens, by a body you respect, well, it lifts you up. It lifts me up, anyway.

It’s a funny old business, this writing and blogging world. You spend most of the time alone or else surrounded by strangers. It’s exciting, challenging, inspiring, tedious, lonely, repetitive and interesting all at the same time (well, not literally all at the same time, of course, fellow pedants. But remarkably close together in time.)

There’s no official job performance review or analysis, for better and for worse, and there’s month after month after month that can plod by with little that appears to go right at all.

Poignantly, right now, of course, there’s no sick leave nor occupational health department.

Travel writing notebook

On the plus side, I suppose, I don’t have to worry about getting letters from the doctor to prove that I’ve been sick. (My boss can be tough, but she’s not that ridiculous.)

But I digress.

I’m a long way off from winning the award – and as it happens, it’s one powered by voting so as it’s taken me weeks to even mention it to you, my chances of success are slim (but hey! If you fancy throwing a vote my way then please, please do :-) The luscious link lives over here.

Vote Here

Have a Boost on Me!

No, the point of the day was to try to pass on my encouragement by sharing a blast of encouragement with you.

What makes you feel better about life and the world at large?

A breath of fresh air? Some laughter with friends? A memory of something good?

If you’re looking for a blast of inspiration, here are stories gathered from around the world that show the power of the human spirit.

And always remember those brilliant words: if you’re going through hell, keep going.

Have a great day everyone,

Abi (2)





Travel Stories to Give You A Blast of Encouragement


The Bus Where Rosa Parks Sat

The Girl Who Sat Where Hitler Stood: The Nuremberg Rally Grounds

Interview with a Survivor from the Nagasaki Bomb

The Kindness of Strangers: Clunky cliche or the point of it all?

The Soweto Mandela Leaves Behind

The Balenciaga Museum: The Secret of Success

What things give you a blast of encouragement?

* It’s a Blackadder line. Always guaranteed to make me smile :-) 

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