Convent de la Missio, A Cool Hotel in Palma

By Abi King | Spain

Dec 01


Central Palma overflows with stimuli, from tight-cornered streets to timeless tapas. The Convent de la Missió offers a chance for your senses to recover.

Inside the Convento de la Missio, Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Inside the Convent

If it feels as though you are standing on hallowed ground, that’s because you are. Each of the Convent’s 14 individually designed rooms used to be part of a 17th century monastery, as the silver-threaded crosses and high vaulted ceilings testify.

With the walls and floors a flawless white, the widespread silence and the backlit curios in glass cases, it’s like staying in a luxurious art museum. In the lounge upstairs, funky bass surrounds a collection of fragmented Christ figures, while a sauna and small pool live down in the basement.

Enjoying tranquility in the luxury Convento de la Missio, Palma, Mallorca

Calm in the Convent

The hushed atmosphere changes in Simply Fosh, the dynamic hotel restaurant, where palm trees grow through the dining area and a waterfall tumbles over a vertical slab. Both breakfast and dinner are high quality, with a wide range of local and international choices and warm, friendly service.

Rooms supply everything you would expect from a luxury hotel (robes, widescreen TV and internet access.) Several have balconies and room VI also comes with a whirlpool bath. For a breath of fresh air, there’s a rooftop terrace for catching some sun (plus a few stares from the neighbours.)

In all honesty, if you’re seeking sun, sea and sand, then the Convent is not for you. There’s no outdoor pool and no easy access to the beach.

For a refreshing retreat, however, and the chance to relax, recover and then return to civilisation, Convent de la Missió is soothingly perfect.

Convent de la Missió: Overall

Summary: A cool, calm space in the heart of Palma

Who it’s for: People looking for peace, quiet and easy access to Palma.

Who it’s not for: children, anyone needing disabled access, anyone looking for sun and swimming pools.

Travel Intelligence arranged my stay at Convent de la Missió.

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