Press Trips with Inside the Travel Lab

What to expect

Thank you for your interest in working with Inside the Travel Lab! We understand that you’re careful about who you invite to experience your destination or service and in turn, we’re careful about who we work with too. We want things to go well so that we can return with great stories and photos and you can relax and enjoy seeing what you know presented from a fresh perspective.

We are so lucky to receive so many invitations to wonderful places around the world. However, due to cost and time constraints, we have a very limited number of unpaid trips that we can take on each year and so we want to make sure we’re the best match for each other. For more options and ideas, please consider creating a bespoke digital project.

Editorial Policy

Inside the Travel Lab always keeps the right to write an honest and fair account of experiences. Sponsorship is always disclosed.


Our audience is growing all the time. For the latest statistics and demographics, please find our media pack here.


For “traditional” press trips, you can expect at least one update per day on social media (internet permitting) and at least one blog post published for every two days spent on the trip after it is over. These are the minimum guidelines – you’ll often see far more.

Info boxes and Links

If you would like any specific information to appear in an info box, please let us know before the trip starts. A couple of lines and one single link works well.

Making the most of your real time coverage

Free time

While it may not look like it (!) posting quality material to social media networks takes time. Please make sure you allow time to edit photos, write captions and recharge batteries (both literal and metaphorical.) Around three hours a day is a good target.

Internet access

After time, the second biggest variable that determines how much coverage you get while on a trip is the level of fast, accessible wifi. The better the wifi, the better the results.

Experience, experience, experience

Bloggers write about their own first hand experiences rather than listing upcoming features and events. So, some aspects of traditional press trips such as tours of hotels without staying in them or sitting through presentations about future plans can’t be featured on the blog. They can, of course, be advertised on the site, but not written up as editorial.

After the Trip

Blog posts appear within nine months of the trip and are shared across the Inside the Travel Lab social media networks. You can find the latest audience statistics and demographics in the media pack over here. 

At your request, we can send you the links to the articles but unfortunately we cannot provide a social media tracking service for free at this time. Copyright remains with Inside the Travel Lab.

Want more information on working with bloggers?

You may find this PDF on working with bloggers useful.

Want more? Try bespoke…

Consider creating a bespoke digital project if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Social media amplification from other bloggers
  • Hashtags that align with your brand
  • Photographs or articles for your own use
  • Twitter chats
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Radio & TV interviews
  • Tracking links or links to several partners
  • Participation in Tweetups
  • eBooks
  • Developing a theme
  • Running a contest
  • Faster publication times

 Find more information about bespoke digital projects here.