Why Work With Bloggers?

how to work with bloggers and digital influencers: AN INTRODUCTION

working with bloggers and social media has become an essential component of any professional publicity campaign.

Why companies work with Influencers

1) Targeted audience

2) Trusted source

3) Links to bring traffic and enhance SEO 

4) Professional quality content

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1) Targeted Audience

Magazines and newspapers still claim higher overall readership figures.  But how many readers are truly interested in travel?

How many skip past the travel pages to reach the sports, fashion or garden sections? And of those who read the travel sections, how many can and will actually travel?

Readers of Inside the Travel Lab read because they love to travel. They also have the means to book and pay for that travel.

85% of readers travel more than three times a year (49% more than four times a year) 98% of readers are in NSR groups ABC1 (90% in group AB) Age 25 – 55; equal Male:Female split; 58% are childless 48% visit for ideas of where to travel to and 65% will continue to think about a destination after reading an article on Inside the Travel Lab.

Readers also include a significant number of editors and researchers for print travel publications, such as National Geographic Traveller, The Guardian, Frommer’s, LonelyPlanet and more.

If you want to reach affluent, influential people who travel, you want to reach people who read Inside the Travel Lab.

2) Trusted Source

According to reports, readers trust bloggers more than the mainstream press when it comes to reviews. Readers follow the blogger, not the publication, and they develop a feel for what the blogger’s tastes and how closely they match their own.

A recommendation from a blogger is like a recommendation from a trusted friend.

3) Links 

Links from a quality blog have two main advantages for your company.

A) They give readers a one click, one second way to access all your information online and to book straight away. No need to tear out and keep or write down a number from a newspaper page somewhere.

B) They tell Google and the other search engines behind the scenes that your website– and therefore your product – can be trusted and should rank high in the search results. 

Google’s algorithm depends on links from high quality websites to determine how to rank results.People don’t always enter your company’s name when searching for somewhere to book.

They may just as well search for “private island in the Seychelles” as “Desroches Island,” for example.

You need links for both – since 78% of people research their trips online before booking.

What determines a quality website in Google’s eyes?

You can get an approximation of the value of a website to Google by looking at Moz Rank.

Inside the Travel Lab has a Moz Rank of 5.89, one of the highest ranks given to an independent travel blog.

A single link from a quality website sells for hundreds of pounds. 

But anyone can set up a blog!

Yes, they can. But not all blogs are created equal.Most have only a handful of readers and only publish amateur content.

Very few have thousands of readers, years of experience, a luxury niche and high quality content. Those blogs are rare and valuable. That’s why luxury companies pay thousands of pounds to be able to work with them.

Inside the Travel Lab is one of those blogs.

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