Beautiful Places to Stay in Sabah Where you can walk off into the sunset

By Abi King | Small Luxury Hotels

Jan 13

Sunset in Sabah

Searching for Beautiful Places to Stay in Sabah

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the sun doth set every night. Quite why it should do so in a meek and miserly way in some places and a resplendent blaze of glory in others is a mystery to all mankind. Or, alternatively, a combination of meteorology and neuroscience and perhaps a dash more pollution than any of us would like to admit.

But I digress.

If fashion can talk about colours, then I shall talk about sunsets.

And what incredible sunsets these are.

And what I loved so much about them was seeing them with someone I love. (I shall resist the strong, strong urge to make some joke about my iPhone here and in fact ‘fess up that I was there with my husband, right after our anniversary. But I feel British, and this kind of romantic talk makes me long for a strong, strong cup of tea. Cough, splutter.)

Sabah: Perfect for Honeymoons and Anniversaries

Sabah, a region across the water from mainland Malaysia and sitting within Borneo, is developing something of a reputation for honeymooners and anniversarians (#ifitsnotawordnowitsoonwillbe.)

It’s got the beaches, for sure, but it’s also got plenty to do that often the “honeymoon” islands lack.

Here’s an instagram snippet of what we got up to from learning how to cook, delving into culture, relaxing at the spa, heading out on night safari cruises and getting up close and personal with the orangutans in the jungle.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 19.08.54

And, though perhaps more suited to the anniversary rather than honeymoon side of things, apparently the golf courses dazzle too.

But before we get into all of that in any great detail, just take a moment…

Look at these photos, close your eyes and imagine the sounds of the waves being washed over by the calming evening breeze…and just enjoy the sounds and solace of sunset.

Even if neuroscience can’t yet explain the sense of romance and the feeling of beauty..who cares?!

Blue sunset at the Shangri La Rasa Ria Sabah

Sunsets are beautiful and romantic…and for that we should be grateful and enjoy. Or at least that’s what I plan to do…


Beautiful Places to Stay in Sabah

Over on instagram, where I insta-snapped these pics, I know you’ve been asking questions about where you can stay in Sabah (and, indeed, even asking where Sabah is.) So, here’s a quick list of recommendations based solely on our experience:

Gaya Island Resort My absolute favourite resort in Borneo. Small, intimate, ridiculously beautiful with one of the best spas I’ve ever been to in my life. Plus, exquisite Thai food, roaming wild boar and a bona fide turtle sanctuary.

 The Pacific Sutera Hotel Close to the airport, friendly service, teak “colonial style” rooms. Large! Plenty of restaurants plus a golf course (not my thing, but if you’re travelling as a couple…)

Shangri-La Rasa Ria, Kota Kinabalu Also large with a wide range of experiences on hand (Japanese restaurant, looooong sandy beach, a wilderness orangutan sanctuary – and a great golf course for starters.)

Sepilok Nature Reserve Hammock swinging, jungle loving nature reserve right besides the Orangutan rehabilitation centre in Sepilok. I’ve written more about that already over here. 

Throwing sand at sunset

A child decorates the sky with sand at sunset

Disclosure -I visited these beautiful places in Sabah as part of a project with iAmbassador, Sabah Tourism and Royal Brunei. I fell in love with sunsets and my husband all by myself. What’s more, I’ve seen both Malaysia and sunsets before. Regardless of it all, I always keep the right to write whatever I like over here. Because I’m a closet megalomaniac that’s the way I think the world should be.

Beautiful sunset at the Shangri La Sabah Malaysia

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