September 9, 2019

The Best Luxury Travel Blogs to Read for Top Boutique Travel Tips and Stories

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Luxury travel is a strange moniker, isn't it? Luxury travel blogger even more so.

Seemingly defined by price tag, the truth is that the best luxury travel bloggers focus more on style, taste and adventure, rather than the figure at the end of it all.

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In the blogging world, luxury travel covers a wide range of viewpoints. Well-heeled gloss. Hiking with comfort. Dining experiences that reach for the (Michelin) stars while also scrabbling around in the dirt to forage for the finest ingredients along the way. 

So here's my collection of top luxury travel blogs, based on more than ten years on the road.

Best Luxury Travel Bloggers: The Metrics Based List

 For an evidence and metric-based assessment, check out this list of the best luxury travel blogs in the UK by number crunching authority Vuelio.

In the interests of full disclosure (and happy announcement) Inside the Travel Lab is the second on the list and the top single author blog.

But that list got me thinking (and dancing. A little. Let's be honest.)

Who are the best luxury travel bloggers? It's not always easy to find if you're outside the industry. And if you enjoy reading this site, well, then you’ll probably enjoy reading some other luxury travel blogs.

So here is my list, from Europe to the world: first class websites with a human touch. Because the metrics only tell half the story.

UK Luxury Travel Bloggers: the Personal Collection

The Travelista Luxury Travel Blog

The Travelista

The Travelista

"A luxury travel blog from Yorkshire via the world." Jess runs a beautiful travel site and instagram channel.

Images are perfectly prepared; destinations covered. It helps that Jess is beautiful too. 

But her writing takes that gentle pink presentation and packs a powerful punch behind the pixels, the destinations and the itineraries. And the way she has covered the incredibly early arrival of her first son, Theo, has been a heartbreaking example of courage and hope.

Silverspoon London Blog

Silverspoon London

Silverspoon London

If you're looking for great places to eat in London, in addition to beautiful luxury travel tales from around the world, then Angie's Silverspoon London is the place to go. (Her social media accounts also find all the hot spots across London!) 

While Angie covers the traditional luxury lifestyle spots, she always comes across as approachable and down to earth. She's one of the few on this list I haven't met (yet!) but reading her material, I kind of feel that I have. 

Fresh and Fearless Luxury Travel Blog

Fresh and Fearless

Fresh and Fearless

Aftab, on the other hand, I have met. At the start of a long haul flight to the Bahamas on a press trip, this enthusiastic in-love-with-life man sat down next to me and immediately made me laugh. 

Nine hours later, the enthusiasm still hadn't worn off. 

His luxury travel blog, Fresh and Fearless, wears the same vibe: bright and brilliant colours, drenched in cheery enthusiasm. It covers travel (of course) but also lifestyle, male grooming, presents for father's day. All the kinds of things that aren't so easily found somewhere else. 

Mrs O Around the World

Mrs O Around the World

Mrs O Around the World

Mrs O never messes about: if she doesn't like something, you know about it. She takes her formidable background in business and marketing and applies it to the world of luxury travel. As she says, "if you are leaving home, it has to be to a better place."

Her unflinching account of her recent IVF struggles brings a human touch to the valuable reviews of luxury hotels and resorts and flying in business class. 

UK Luxury Travel Bloggers: Multi-Author Sites

Live Share Travel

Live Share Travel

Live Share Travel

Live Share Travel like the finer things in life. Run by husband and wife duo, Terry and Sarah, with regular guest authors, the blog covers travel deals, package holidays, cruises, independent travel and the extras you need when you travel. They also write a lot about time share travel. Having worked with them several times over the years, I still maintain they should crack on with the flux capacitor and remove the middle word in that phrase. 

They tell me they're working on it. I think.

A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog

No, that heading isn't a placeholder. That's actually the (clever) name of the blog. A Luxury Travel Blog combines a team of writers (over 600 at last count) to scour the world for the best places to go and the best ways to get there. Masterminded by Dr Paul Johnson (all the world loves a doctor, right?) the site talks private jets, dive spots in the Galapagos, New Zealand, New York. Even New Everything with regular travel news updates. 

What makes a luxury travel blog?

Luxury travel is a curious word. When we look at the whole world, all travel is luxury travel, of course.

For some, luxury is all about the high life. High prices, high living, high buildings, high, er, heights?

For others, the ones I love the most, luxury means something else. The luxury of time. Of flavour. The luxury of paying the price tag to guarantee solitude. The luxury of white cotton threads so comforting, so supple, it’s the linen equivalent of rolling in non-sticky treacle.

The luxury to explore the world and enjoy.

Luxury Travel Bloggers Beyond the UK




Landlopers is the story of luxury travel around the world from the point of view of Matt Long: DC lobbyist turned storyteller and explorer. His blog involves thoughtful, introspective posts as well as luxury travel news and his leap into podcasting fits neatly into a driving commute.

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Velvet Escape

Velvet Escape

Velvet Escape

As a banker turned blogger, Keith Jenkins is one of the most extraordinary people you'll ever meet, in all the right ways. The founder of Velvet Escape, a luxury travel blog that covers the world, is also a quiet, funny, incredibly innovative guy. What matters more to readers? He's never put a recommendation wrong.

Luxe Travel Family

Luxe Travel Family

Luxe Travel Family

Confession time: I first heard of Nancy's work when she enrolled as a student in my writing course. One of the highlights of the next few years has been to watch her soar through the blogosphere with her useful luxury travel blog advice. Particularly when it comes to family travel. I always check out her recommendations before taking baby Lab to the skies.

How about you? Do you have any luxury travel blog recommendations to make?


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