The best places to visit in AUSTRALIA


Australia gave us kangaroos, Neighbours and vegemite sandwiches. It awed us with the Sydney Opera House, the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and sun-drenched beaches of Bondi. Enjoy one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world with these handpicked suggestions of the best places to visit in Australia.

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Explore and soak up Sydney; the food, the beaches, art galleries and sun-drenched days. Head to Alice Springs, rich in history and hauntingly beautiful. Drive or fly from the magnificent deserts to Queensland, and experience the Great Barrier Reef or the charisma of Port Douglas.


Start in Perth; visit its castles, gardens and sample some of WA's stunning cuisine. Embrace the maritime history of Fremantle & spend a night on Rottnest Island. See the beauty of the Margaret River town and its craft breweries and wineries, before heading to Albany and Esperance for some delicious sun soaked beaches.


See the sights of Sydney, before heading to the stunning Blue Mountains. Visit the charming Hawkesbury Valley, and embrace the history and bountiful beaches of Newcastle. Venture to Gosford and the Brisbane Water National Park, and enjoy the state forests and some delightful Australian sun.

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I love Australia. I love the vast expanse of striking, outdoor, stunning land. I love the chilled out, can-do, low-whinge nature of the people. I love that the culture extends back for thousands and thousands of years - and yet at the same time is so very, very new. 

Here's to one of the most interesting countries in the world: for far and yet so near.

"There's an expression in Australia called "go bush," which means to get out of the city and relax. I try and  "go bush" to places where there's no cell reception. But I don't get to do that often, so for the most part, it's just a state of mind."      Cate Blanchett


Currency: Dollar (AUD)
Language: English
Best way of getting around: Let’s face facts, Australia is a BIG place. Independent driving is handy but if you want to cover a lot of ground, internal flights are a must.
Travel tip: Pay close attention to safety advice. Crocs, sharks and poisonous spiders are real risks in places!
Dress Code: Casual, baby. But no cork hats. 


Love for Neighbours
Relaxed atmosphere
Use of the word 'Mate'

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The best way to make a trip happen is just to book a ticket and let the adrenaline make everything else fall into place.

However, there are some key things to check out first. ALWAYS check out the health and safety advice for the region you're travelling to and make sure you're up to date with any recommended vaccinations and healthcare procedures. After that, it's up to you whether or not you book accommodation now or figure it out when you get there - or whether you'd prefer to let someone else take care of all the logistics for you through an individually designed tour.

For my general recommendations on equipment, tour operators and more, visit the Travel Resources page. For tips specific to Australia, read on below.

As ever, with any advice you find on the web, this is meant for help and guidance only. Always check with your own doctor, embassy, lawyer and spouse before making any irreversible plans... 


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