Where to go in February 2020:
The Best Places to Travel in February

After the flourish of the festive season and the belt-buckling grey gloom of the start of the year, February needs some travel spice. Here is a hand-picked, hand tested guide to the best places to travel in February.

Finding the best places to visit in February

The best places to visit in February are either very hot, very cold or bursting with Mardi Gras flavour.

Southern Hemisphere: Beat the Crowds

As summer draws to a close in the southern hemisphere, you can beat the crowds in key locations like Cape Town, Sydney and Melbourne while still getting a taste of warmth. 

Northern Hemisphere: Embrace the Cold

Meanwhile, snow on the northern hemisphere's slopes is still reliable enough for a ski and snowboard with the optimistic promise of a sunny afternoon with a vin chaud to top things off. 

In the Middle: Warmth and Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras and masked balls make iconic cities like Venice and New Orleans even more popular, while the Caribbean can still deliver soothing warmth to chilled February bones tired of a long grey winter in the north. 

But that's the general approach to the best places to visit in February. 

Let's drill down to the hand-picked details, shall we?

Where is hot in February?

Beach Holidays in February

The Caribbean hits peak season in February, with frequent daily flights to the bigger islands like Barbados and Jamaica, and smaller connections to the arguably more characterful places like St Vincent & the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands.

The Middle East is always hot, so check out Dubai for bling, Jordan for the Dead Sea and Oman for a combination of beautiful beaches and intense unspoiled culture. 

Asia also offers sunshine in Goa and Kerala in India, the west coast of Thailand and Malaysia, not to mention Sri Lanka, The Maldives and Borneo.

And don't forget the Americas. Miami offers warm beaches, as does Mexico. 

And Tanzania, Madagascar and Kenya in Africa allow plenty of sunshine in between magnificent safari sightings and beach-lazing.

Is anywhere hot in February in Europe?

Ah, yes. I quite understand. 

You want heat. In February. But for various reasons (time, cost, vaccinations) you don't want to travel too far. 

Well, sadly, you can forget the many promises of European winter sun. Reliably, they don't exist. 

You can escape to milder climates in the Canary Islands or hop across to Morocco and hope for the best.

But if the dealbreaker is hot weather in February, rather than anything else, you're going to need to venture further afar. 

The Best Places to Visit in February for Winter Activities and Snow Sports

Sometimes, it's better to embrace the cold than to seek to escape it!

Skiing and snowboarding are the obvious winter choices but if adrenaline isn't your thing (or even if it is,) this world of ours has more to offer when the temperature plummets. 

Think of sleeping in an ice hotel, going husky sledding or seeking the Northern Lights.