The best places to visit in GERMANY


From history that changed the course of the world to thick black forests where traditions have survived through the centuries, Germany is both prettier and more interesting than many would have you believe. Shhh. It's our secret, right?


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The best things to do in Germany - travel ideas and itineraries

The best things to do in Germany - travel ideas and itineraries


Germany seems made for city breaks: visit Cologne for cool vibes and its cathedral, Berlin for world class history, Nuremberg for Christmas Markets, Munich for Oktoberfest, Bremen for cosy cafes and Leipzig for music history. 


Spend a few days in Berlin and then explore other key cities by train. Make a quick stop in Leipzig before heading on to Bremen and Hamburg. Travel south to Munich and Nuremberg or head along the Rhine.


With two weeks, you can build on the one week itinerary and slow the pace down with a few days exploring the Black Forest or cruising along the Rhine. 

Home to stollen cake, great beer and some wild castles, Germany has much more to offer than Christmas fairy-tales and twentieth century nightmares. Relive travel through Germany through these stories and photos and find out more about the place that calls itself Deutschland…


Currency: Euro (EUR)
Language: German
Best way of getting around: Travel by both train and car is easy, luxurious and independent. 
Highlight: the fresh air of the Black Forest.
Travel tip: Be punctual and don’t be alarmed if people sound very direct.
Dress Code: Practical and functional. 
Unusual highlight: the reinvention of Nuremberg as a centre for human rights. 



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