The Best Places to Visit in USA


Tracking down the best places to visit in USA takes some work. Travel in America is less about ticking off a country and more about exploring a continent and a living legend at the same time. So where are the best places to visit in America? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here goes...


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The Best Places to Visit in USA

A heavyweight on the world stage, the United States has more to offer travellers than Hollywood makes out.

Yes, you'll find much-filmed cities like New York and L.A., cultural hotspots like New Orleans and aching cool in Miami.

But you'll also find vast open spaces, the Wild West and wilderness, sticky tropical air and magnificent glacial waterways flanked by ice.


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The Best Places to Visit in USA: The Hot List 2018

The Best Places to Visit in the USA includes Cultured Cities and Wild Escapes like Alaska

Best Places to Travel in the US 

  • check
    New York City
  • check
    Miami and the Keys
  • check
    Seattle and the wilds of Alaska
  • check
    Washington D.C.
  • check

Best Places to Travel in the US 

  • check
    Salt Lake City and Utah
  • check
    Las Vegas and Nevada
  • check
    New Orleans and Louisiana
  • check
    LA, Baby (and California)
  • check
    Boston and Massachusetts 

The Best Places to Visit in USA: Three Different Itineraries


Head to New York City for the Statue of Liberty, Broadway and the best gherkin pastrami bagel that money can buy. Move on to Washington DC for monuments and museums, Boston for ivy-clad history and fly on to LA, Chicago, New Orleans or Miami for different tastes of the US of A.


Experience the jigsaw geography of Southeast Alaska and kayak alone with the seals. Check out Glacier Bay National Park and the frontier towns of Juneau and Ketchikan. Walk the shores of the Arctic Ocean and scan icy horizons for the Northern Lights and breaching whales.


Kick off in cool Miami and stroll and strut around South Beach. Check out the natural wonder of the Everglades then pick up a car and cruise down the keys to Hemingway's colourful Key West. Stop off at Cocoa Beach and Bahia Honda State Park, looking out for conch shells and swimming with dolphins.

The Best Reasons to Visit the US

Big, bold and frequently misunderstood, the best places to visit in the USA don't so much visit a country as to explore a continent and a living legend. From aching expanses of wilderness to the most congested and confident sass on earth, attitude is big business here. 

And each time I visit, I want to return to find out more. 

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."  Abraham Lincoln.

Travel Beyond the Classics in the USA

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Currency: Dollar (USD)
Language: English (Spanish can be handy too.)
Best way of getting around: It’s a huge place so look into flights for travel state to state. The US is made for road trips, unless you’re sticking to the cities (and even then, it depends where you go. In LA, it’s better to have your own wheels.) 
Travel tip: Tipping is A BIG DEAL HERE, so tip at every restaurant, taxi, reception and, well, anything to avoid getting in to trouble.
Dress Code: Casual.


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Useful Resources for Travel to the USA


The best way to make a trip happen is just to book a ticket and let the adrenaline make everything else fall into place.

However, there are some key things to check out first. ALWAYS check out the health and safety advice for the region you're travelling to and make sure you're up to date with any recommended vaccinations and healthcare procedures. After that, it's up to you whether or not you book accommodation now or figure it out when you get there - or whether you'd prefer to let someone else take care of all the logistics for you through an individually designed tour.

For my general recommendations on equipment, tour operators and more, visit the Travel Resources page. For tips specific to the USA, read on below.

As ever, with any advice you find on the web, this is meant for help and guidance only. Always check with your own doctor, embassy, lawyer and spouse before making any irreversible plans... 


Read up on Visa requirements and safety while in the USA.


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