7 New Travel Resolutions for 2017

By Abi King | Trip Advice

Jan 30

Travel Resolutions for 2017

While Snow White had dwarves, we’re going to have travel resolutions. In response to questions like “where’s the best place to travel to in 2017”, I bring you the 2017 travel wish list, resolution list, inspiration list, what have you.

It’s just a different way for me to dish out advice in response to your questions!

(For a more traditional take on things, check out last year’s post The Best Places to Travel in 2016. Travel fashions don’t change all that quickly…)

Grand Mosque Oman


1 – Travel Somewhere Hot in 2017

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I loved my time in Oman. Scorchingly hot. Desperately beautiful. A great introduction to travel in the Middle East.

Best for 1-2 weeks with sunshine all year round.

How to see the northern lights in style in Finnish Lapland


2 – Travel Somewhere Cold in 2017

Where better to wrap up warm than in the Arctic Circle? Shiver beneath stars as you search for the ethereal Northern Lights, fly through the air powered by husky or snowmobile and cosy up in an igloo (no, really) at the end of a snowflake-soaked day.

Best for one week or a long weekend in December – February. Thermals essential.

Mountains of flowers in Bangalore

3 – Travel Somewhere Sweet in 2017

There’s little sweeter than travelling somewhere where folk are pleased to see you – and not just for the promise of the money they hope to wrangle from your pocket. I’m looking back a little nostalgically, here, on my stroll through the Flower Markets of India’s Bangalore and its sweet-scented streets.

Best for at least a week, combined with packing a sense of adventure.

San Sebastian Tapas

4 – Travel Somewhere Spicy in 2017

Indulge with spice on stick through the rich tapestry of tapas in San Sebastian. (But shhhh…it’s not actually called tapas.)

Great for a long weekend from within Europe.

View from a room at the Mere Hotel Winnipeg

View from a room at the Mere Hotel Winnipeg

5 – Travel Somewhere Serious in 2017

Zip around Winnipeg’s atmospheric French Quarter and stroll along the banks of the Red River to Forks and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Best as part of a two week trip through western Canada. Summer (May – September) best for strolling. Otherwise, wrap up warm and stride.


Gaya Island Resort best spa in Borneo

6 – Travel Somewhere Special in 2017

Sometimes it’s good to indulge. Take relaxing in a spa, for example. Better yet, take inspiration from 7 of the Best Spas in the World.

7 – Travel Somewhere Strange in 2017

An abandoned island. A Bond villain’s lair. An offshore ride from an atom bomb drop.

Yes, the strange deserted island of Gunkanjima fulfils this peculiar need.

Best as part of a one week trip to Nagasaki and surrounding Kyushu in Japan. Fly into Fukuoka rather than Tokyo for ease of transport.

Read about my experience of a Travelshoot in Rome.

And most of all, travel with someone you love. And that includes travelling solo.

Be kind to yourself and others this year, that’s pretty much the best resolution of all.

Happy travels everyone!


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