November 25

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals You’ll Actually Want

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals Worth Having

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals Worth Having

Hello, hello!

Happy purple Monday, yellow Tuesday, shimmering emerald Wednesday and, well, I think you get the idea.

Black Friday is coming! It's a great chance to save money but also rife with confusion, gimmicks and incentives that leave you buying things you don't even want.

Gah. Enough of all that.

Travel Resources and Things I Love

I've done the legwork for you and gathered some of the best deals I've found in travel from companies and travel resources I actually use.

Some offers have started already but others don't open until the day itself (November 29th.) So bookmark this blog post and check back again: if I find anything good, I'll put it here.

Disclosure - if you buy through some of these links then I may earn a small commission at no cost to you. Not all of the links, mind! I'm only sharing information that seems decent, whether or not any commission is involved!

Travel Gear

Now is a great time to look out for the travel gear you need for the year ahead. Take a quick run through these essential packing lists to make sure you're prepared.

Amazon offer many Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. I've gathered together the travel products I'd recommend in our Inside the Travel Lab Shop on one page.

Italy - Emilia Romagna - Rimini-Abigail King La Dolce Vita motorbike

Lots of you have been asking: this dress - and others like it - come from Bravissimo. Yup. They also have a Black Friday sale going on.

Ever since I started putting myself into photos this year, I've had questions about where my clothes are from. Almost without exception, they're from Bravissimo. And, no, no disclosure needed! I just love the fit! 

Gifts for travellers selection of ideas

Travel Gifts

I know I'm never quite ready but THIS is the time to shop for gifts for people!

If you're shopping for a traveller in your life, then check out our gift guides. All have links to sites where you can shop. Buy on Friday or Monday to get the best deal. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals

There's no point in having all the gear if you never hit the road! Here are some great Black Friday travel deals that actually get you moving. 


Big travel giant Expedia is offering 25% off this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to a max of 50 and 100 USD respectively. 

Get Your Guide - Find Cool Activities Everywhere

Get Your Guide gather together tour offerings from all over the world in a really easy to use system. So whether you're looking for cooking lessons or outdoor climbing, day trips or boat rides, you can find and book them with Get Your Guide, with a great cancellation policy. 

They're offering readers of Inside the Travel Lab 25% off if you book through this Get Your Guide link. The offer is only available on the 29th November so be organised with this one!

Travelshoot - Swap A Studio for the Road

More and more people are swapping studios for the open road when it comes to professional photography sessions with their families. 

Travelshoot operate in over 100 cities around the world and are currently offering $100 off all packages if you use the code CLIENTVIP on checkout. 

Skyscanner - Find Flights to Anywhere

My all time favourite flight comparison site, Skyscanner, is gathering together its Black Friday deals over here. The exact details will only become apparent on the 29th but their data confirm that this was the cheapest day to book a flight last year. 

Eurostar - £25 Fares from London to Paris, Brussels or Lille

Head to Eurostar SNAP to read the small print for this and prepare to zoom off to the City of Lights! Or, you know, the other ones that the Eurostar also travels to. 

Virgin Atlantic - 20% Off Flights to the Caribbean

Everyone's reddest airline is offering 20% off flights to the Caribbean if you book this week. Virgin Atlantic have different deals each day of the week and some have started already so don't hang about!

Lonely Planet - 40% Off Everything

Lonely Planet aren't just about guide books (although, they still make plenty of those.) They also excel in gorgeous coffee table books that make presents. Check out the Lonely Planet Black Friday sale here - it runs until Sunday.

Check Back Soon!

I'll be adding more and more deals and offers to this page as they arrive in the inbox. All carefully vetted, of course, and only mentioning companies and products I'd shop for myself. Cheers!


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