Blue Heaven & Blueberry Pancakes – Brunch in the USA

By Abi King | USA

Jul 29
Vibrant painted sign for the Blue Heaven Restaurant

American Brunch? Come on in to Blue Heaven…


Blue Heaven & Blueberry Pancakes – Brunch in the USA

Great tingling tastebuds, do Americans know about food. Yes, it’s easy to knock the hamburger, the behemoth “sodas” and the rather strangely named corn dog. The portion sizes may overwhelm and, coming from a grumpy European corner of the world, the smiles and “would you like anything else with that?” can be unnerving.

Yet, when it comes to brunch in particular, I’ve never tasted anything finer.

Blueberry pancake - with a side portion of blueberries

Blueberry Pancakes. With, er, blueberries…


Putting the Blue in Blueberry…

Blue Heaven in Florida’s Key West just about lives up to its name. Through a slight misunderstanding, I ended up with blueberry pancakes with a side order of blueberries (and, to save face, pretended that that was exactly what I’d been after all along. This is how we eat blueberries in Europe…ahem.)

With trademark maple syrup, super-crispy bacon and inch-thick fluffy pancakes, I was in, well, heaven.

Welcome sign at Blue Heaven

Welcome to Blue Heaven


Serving heaven on a fork and sin in a glass…Blue Heaven

Beneath the humid, southern sun, the others tucked into eggs with names straight from the movies, like sunny side up and over easy. So good, in fact, was the food that I was half way through my juicy fruit smoothie before I noticed what should have been obvious.

There, among the powder-painted signs, the tropical almond trees, the ketchup and the steam of a well-loved kitchen, came an unmistakable cry…

Feathers brushed against my leg and, tearing myself away from my breakfast, I looked down.

Rooster in Blue Heaven

An Unexpected Guest in Blue Heaven


That’s right, a real life rooster was strutting around.

Brunch may feel like a US institution, but Blue Heaven still does brunch in Key West style.

Blue Heaven

729 Thomas Street, Key West, Florida, 33040

Sign charging money to watch people shower

Blueberry Pancakes & Brunch – Key West Style


I visited Florida as a guest of Virgin Holidays as part of a Florida Photo Safari.  The usual, exciting, disclosure policy applies…


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