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Dec 04

21 Unusual Things To Do in Rome to Escape the Crowds


 Find unusual things to do in Rome, from stunning skylines, hidden sects, secret passageways and seriously good food. Let’s help get you off the beaten path in Rome, escape the crowds and see the best of the Eternal City.Unusual Things To Do in Rome: Off the Beaten Path in RomeIf you book or buy through […]

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Jun 27

Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat

Food , South Europe , Western Europe

Relishing a few days in the foodie city of Lisbon, I’d scribbled suggestions, pinned pictures on Pinterest, flitted hearts across instagram and whatever else we’re supposed to do in this social media age before taking our taste buds anywhere.

I had the additional perk of knowing not one, not two but three food writers familiar with the city and, quite literally, ran into a woman who wrote the book on travel and eating out in Portugal only a few weeks before.

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Jan 28

The Nuremberg Sausage: A Symbol of Love?

Food , Western Europe

The Nuremberg sausage or bratwurstUnderstanding the Nuremberg SausageThe city of Nuremberg may have an international reputation for some of the worst events on earth. But the Nuremberg sausage shows another side of the city. Whether called bratwurst of a Nurnberger, here’s the inside info on 700 years of sausage making history. Oh, and it tastes […]

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Jan 11

Quirky and Unusual Things To Do in Germany

Western Europe

The best things to do in Germany – travel ideas and itineraries  Germany attracts repeat visitors through an intoxicating mix of sweet gingerbread and beer. Sizzling sausages (some protected by law,) fairytale castles and snow-laden chalets with glühwein on tap take the chill off the history of the Berlin Wall and the shadows from the well documented […]

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Nov 28

Things to do in Harrogate to Relax and Recharge


   When I first started looking for things to do in Harrogate, it was out of a dull sense of duty: I had to go there for work. But then I uncovered a world of intrigue, relaxation and reinvention in this pretty Yorkshire town.Introducing HarrogateHarrogate hit the headlines in the 19th century with its strong subterranean […]

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Nov 25

Treehouse Glamping in Redwood Valley in Wales

Western Europe

It’s an astonishing feeling to sip morning tea high above the treetops. To see them swaying, sunlight splintering through, to feel with them, swaying slightly, unable to see their base.

The treetop cabin at Redwood Valley seems different to how I’d imagined: not perilous and poky but refreshing and full of the promise of adventure. A steep path leads here, rather than a ladder, the banks of earth thrusting upwards to lift visitors up, up, up and into the forest.

And what a forest it is.

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