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Jul 25

The Best Things to do in Seville Spain


Welcome to the city where orange blossom mingles with fountains in quiet courtyards while passion flames in the streets. Home to flamenco, inspiration for Carmen and the springboard for Columbus’ voyage to the new world, Seville never bores her guests. After half a decade living there, here’s my guide to the best things to do in Seville, Spain.

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Jun 27

Lisbon Restaurants Where Locals Eat

Food , South Europe , Western Europe

Relishing a few days in the foodie city of Lisbon, I’d scribbled suggestions, pinned pictures on Pinterest, flitted hearts across instagram and whatever else we’re supposed to do in this social media age before taking our taste buds anywhere.

I had the additional perk of knowing not one, not two but three food writers familiar with the city and, quite literally, ran into a woman who wrote the book on travel and eating out in Portugal only a few weeks before.

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May 05

Gin, Sin and the Xoriguer Distillery in Menorca

Food , Spain

Menorca threw several surprises my way when I visited. Wild flowers, for one, with fields flush with poppies, violets and periwinkles all dancing like hippies in the sun. There were bronze age settlements for another, and olive oil-soaked cheese, cured lovingly by hand and made from milk gathered freshly that morning.

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Feb 17

5 Ways to Live Like A Local in Seville


When friends first ask about what they should see and do in Seville, I start with the traditional list. After that, though, we get down to spilling my true secrets. My tips and tricks for soaking up the seduction of Spain’s hottest city and living like a local in the heart of Andalusia.

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Dec 09

Tenerife Food Guide: How to Find Authentic Canarian Food In Tenerife

Food , Spain

What to eat in Tenerife – Tenerife Food GuideWhat is typical Tenerife food? Forget jokes about Full English Breakfasts and fish and chips for a pound, the real cuisine in Tenerife stretches back over centuries.Your Guide to Food in Tenerife ​The Top 10 Foods to Try in Tenerife​ GofioBarraquitoRopa VIejaPuchero Roast Chestnuts  Almogrote Papas Arrugadas Tenerife Honey Tenerife Wine Mojo   […]

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Dec 04

Where to Stay in Seville


There’s no doubt about it: Seville is one of Spain’s most exciting cities, a place with intoxicating heat, history, architecture and food. From cosy hotspots in the centre of town to fortress-like luxury in the hills. Here are the best places to stay in Seville after years spent living there (and reviewing hotels for a living.)

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Jun 26

Beautiful and Unusual Things To Do in Greece


 Unusual things to do in GreeceLooking for inspiration for wonderful and unusual things to do in Greece but tired of lists churned out by people who’ve never been there? Look no further! Here is a collection of beautiful, cultural things to do in Greece, peppered with a bit of soul and a lot of golden […]

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Jun 24

9 Unusual Things To Do in Porto

South Europe , Western Europe

Things to do in Porto  Ah, pretty city Porto, you beautiful place, you. All glowing in from dawn til dusk in a tumbly, jumbly terracotta haze and reflected Harry Potter glory. With your giant gondolas from the port trade, your azulejo tiles and your steep streets to a thousands scenic viewpoints, you wear your prettiness with a […]

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Feb 05

Whale Watching in Tenerife


Pedro Martina’s sun-worn face lights up as he grabs my shoulder and points into the distance.
“Three of them are under the water now,” he says. It’s certainly not the first time Pedro has hunted whales…

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