The Artist Residence – A Cool Place to Stay in London

By Abi King | England

Feb 13

Artist Residence London - a cool place to stay in London's Pimlico

The Artist Residence, A Boutique Hotel in London

The name was a pleasure, the stay a joy. Yes, so the name won me over with its sense of romance, but I simply didn’t care.

The moment I hauled my aching body into the bare brick corridor, I felt my troubles soothe. My creativity return.

Such is the power of the Artist Residence in Pimlico, a very cool place to stay in London.

A place I enjoyed so much, it makes me feel reluctant to hand over the details.

But, you know me (and if not, hey! head over here.)

I just can’t resist when I find something I’m mad about.

So, here goes. My take on the Artist Residence in Pimlico. A very cool place to stay in London.

Artist Residence London- a cool boutique hotel in London's Pimlico

Artist Residence: The Vibe

Hipster cool with plenty of quirky decor that makes you feel more fashionable just by looking at it. Expect sweet jars, bare brick walls, shabby-chic turquoise tables and retro telephones that may make you realise just how old you really are… A gorgeous boutique hotel in London.

Artist Residence London - a cool place to stay in Pimlico

Artist Residence: The Rooms

Only 10 in all, each decorated in a unique bright white with splashes of colour style. Bare wood floors, white tiled bathrooms with vintage bath fittings, open plan wardrobes and radios from the days before TV had been invented. Although, there are TVs. And, of course, wifi…

Hello Pimlico at the Artist Residence London Hotel

Artist Residence: Location

An easy five minute walk from Victoria Station (the entrance hub from London Gatwick Airport) yet within easy reach of the more fashionable Kensington, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park and Westminster Abbey.

Scrambled eggs at the Artist Residence London Hotel

Artist’s Residence: Dining

An all day restaurant and funky cocktail bar. Small, smoky (in a good way) and ever so popular you’ll need to book ahead. Breakfast has become an event in its own right in Pimlico and if you stay quiet over your coffee and avocado in the morning you’ll overhear all kind of it crowd gossip and political insider dealings.

Just so you know.

Brunch and creativity at the Artist Residence London


Artist Residence: Unusual Fact

Laura Ashley used to live on this street.

Bathrooms at the Artist Residence London


Artist Residence in Summary: A Cool Place to Stay in London

Who it’s for: solo travel, couples, those with tiny babies.

Who it’s not for: lovers of chain hotels or low budget options.

Cool place to stay in London - Artist Residence

How to Book a Night’s Stay at the Artist Residence in London

Find all the details over here.

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Introducing the Artist's Residence - a cool, luxury boutique hotel in Pimlico London via @insidetravellab

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