5 of the Best Bars in Copenhagen

By Abi King | Europe

Nov 11

5 of the best bars in Copenhagen from @insidetravellab

In Copenhagen, bars form an essential part of life. From coffee bars to tea bars, wine bars to specialist beer bars, head inside from the cold, help yourself to some hygge and choose from this selection of recommended bars in Copenhagen.

Bars in Copenhagen


Real ale, rustic food and a laid- back atmosphere wait for you in this woody, welcoming bar. Free wifi a bonus.

Address: Sdr. Boulevard 72, 1720 Copenhagen

Ricco’s Coffee Shop

This narrow, cash only coffee shop carries a certain je ne sais quoi. Serving its drinks in mugs shaped like disposable plastic cups, Ricco’s adds a quirky touch to everything it does.

Address: Istedgade 119,  1650 Copenhagen

McKluud’s Traditional Danish Pub

For an old-fashioned, traditional Danish pub head to McKluud’s. Join old men as they exchange their life stories, celebrities as they catch up with the news and young upstarts who have just joined the area. The only people you won’t find in here are tourists.

Address: Istedgade 126, 1650 Copenhagen


Chic yet cosy, focusing on beer yet preserving the mystique of a wine specialist, this little bar is one of the best in town. Mikkeller won the Best Brewery Award in 2006 in the very year they opened. They call themselves “gypsy brewers” as they rent their brewery space and they always like to push the boundaries. Sip a whole range of ales alongside chilli cashew nibbles and local salami.

Address: Viktoriagade 8, 1655 Copenhagen

Nørrebro Bryghus

Much larger than Mikkeller,  Nørrebro Bryghus still pays very close attention to its beer. With barrels stacked right the way to the ceiling, sofas scattered across the ground floor and a comprehensive restaurant upstairs,  Nørrebro Bryghus provides all the warmth you need after a day in the crisp Copenhagen air.

Address: Ryesgade 3, 2200 Copenhagen

How did I find these recommended bars in Copenhagen?

Some I found by myself, for others I had help from Wonderful Copenhagen. For each, though, I tasted and sampled what they had on offer. You know, as usual, otherwise it’s kind of missing the point…Disclosure.

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