A French Beauty Secret: Radioactive Skin Cream!

By Abi King | France

Dec 23

Tho-Radia Poster in the Marie Curie Museum - French Beauty Secret

Radium Powder for a Perfect Complexion! french beauty cream

Tho-Radia Powder…

A French Beauty Secret

The idea behind eating cardboard to stay size zero, having surgery to look young and all the other painful and dangerous practices people get up to in order to fit the current idea of “beauty” is nothing new…

I saw these in the Marie Curie Museum in Paris, where they serve as a gentle reminder to stop and pause before risking too much for appearance’s sake. Radium Product - Radioactive Beauty Products - Marie Curie Museum

By the way, I don’t think that Marie Curie herself ever used or recommended these radioactive products.

Read more about the Marie Curie Museum and her incredible life history in this post: Girls Can’t Do Science.

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