How to Buy the Write Better, Right Now Course as a Gift

How to buy Write Better Right Now as a Gift

Hello and welcome! We think that this online course makes a great gift (great value, inspirational, practical, thoughtful and no pacing around waiting for the postman or worrying about postage dates!)

We've published a step by step guide to how the course works on the WB course page. 

Here, we want to show you how easy it is to buy the course as a gift.

How to buy Write Better Right Now as a Gift

1) Buy the course as normal

Simply head to this page and click buy now. You need to set up an account with YOUR email address and pay. Straightforward stuff.

2) Forward your receipt

Forward your receipt to [email protected] Include the name and email address of the person you have bought it for so that we can set up their account.

3) Download and print out a gift certificate

This is entirely optional. We will email you a PDF and JPG gift certificate if you want to send something.

4) That's it!

They can log in and start the course at any time. We won't send any emails to check whether or not they're OK until after Christmas. No one wants to ruin the surprise!