When the only lens we look through is the corporate one, we miss out on richer experiences.

Five Great Reasons to Become a Patron

I don't know about you but during this lockdown, I've been dreaming about things I miss. Friends. Family. The sky. The sea. Travel, for sure, that's what I do, but also smaller things.

I miss going for coffee at our local bakery. I miss chatting with the greengrocer who stands on the street corner. I feel kinda sad to just see the empty space.

I miss browsing through the local bookshop. And I miss the light crunch of the tempura prawns at our local Japanese restaurant.

So, for all I miss the big wide world, I miss the small and local businesses the most.

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How You Can Support Independent Travel Writing Through the Pandemic

That's part of the reason why I'm so pleased I can introduce you to this way of accessing Inside the Travel Lab - on Patreon.

For the price of a coffee, a light lunch, a treat, you can access different tiers of membership - and support a "local" creative small business - erm, me.

But in a bigger way, of course, you'll also get the following:

Abigail King of Inside the Travel Lab luxury travel blog

What's in it for you

1) Travel narratives that take you there

Lose yourself in the story and travel across the world.Leave listicles and top ten tips aside for now and voyage into that jungle, jump out of that plane, talk with that eco researcher and climb into the dark Arctic night.

Patreon membership gives you access to travel stories that never survive on the open web, where Google and the gang can't make sense of the sense of poetry and want everything in a list.

When you read, you'll be transported there.

2) Go behind the scenes

Ever wondered what Inside the Travel Lab HQ looks like? Or how I sketch out an article? Have you ever wondered what the press pit looks like at a concert or rally or the kitchen at a major event?

Patreon members will get exclusive behind the scenes material in photo and video format - at home for now and on the road as soon as lockdown allows.

3) In depth tutorials and guides

What do you want to know? How to plan a trip within Italy? How to take decent images underwater? How about the quickest way to plan a road trip or the best way to sleep on a plane? As a Patreon member, you can influence the topics we cover, which is a fancy way of saying you get to ask for what you want.

4) Be the change

I passionately believe that travel can be a force for good. It is not just a pretty backdrop nor a "bragging right." We try to bring important stories to your attention, as well as having fun, and as well as connecting with people across the world.

Patreon membership allows you to support the kind of work you would like to see.

5) Belong

We are all individual but we are never all alone. Connect through smaller online groups of a more private nature and meet like-minded people across the world through the smaller, exclusive Patreon membership.

  • Want to spread the word? That's great! Please share the link to the Inside the Travel Lab Patreon page far and wide.
  • Any ideas of how I could do things better? I'd love to know!

With Patreon membership, we start at $3 per month...

Find out more here.



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