October 8, 2021

Great Jobs that Require Travel and How to Get Them

Looking for jobs that require travel so that you can see the world and still earn a living. Walk this way.

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Finding Jobs that Require Travel

In the age of technology, the digital nomad workforce is on the rise and it is increasingly easy to work remotely. Whether you are a writer, IT professional, bookkeeper, or content creator, you can just as easily work beach-side in Costa Rica as you can from your office in Pittsburgh. 

But we seem to have forgotten that there is a whole world of jobs out there that actually require travel. As travel picks up again, these jobs are set to become hot commodities once more. So get ahead of the curve and start positioning yourself for these roles sooner rather than later if you're looking for jobs that require travel. 

These are the best jobs that require you to travel and also a few tips on how to land them!

A quick note. For some of these, you may need to translate documents and application forms. In which case, it could be useful to check out an online translation service like Languex.

Cabin Crew

This is one of the top jobs if you are looking for travel opportunities and a decent salary. Many flight attendants made career changes in 2020 as the aviation industry was grounded, but air travel is quickly on the rise again and airlines are rehiring staff. If you want to join a cabin crew and, for example, are looking for flight attendant jobs, be ready to deal a lot with troubleshooting but to travel a lot as well.

The benefits of being a flight attendant are also much more attractive than many other jobs out there. But being one of the most coveted traveling jobs out there also means the competition is stiff. Thousands of hopefuls apply to airlines across the world annually and only a handful get selected. 

The training is gruelling and the selection process rigorous, with many candidates excluded for physical characteristics such as height and weight.


The field of childcare is very broad and there are tons of jobs for all levels of experience. Being an au-pair is usually the first step in this field and the requirements are pretty standard. A good level of English, a driving license, a clean criminal record, and proven childcare experience. 

Au pairs usually live with the family and have weekends and school hours to themselves. This gives you plenty of time to explore your new city and travel over weekends and school holidays. 

If you are looking for something more full-time, professional nannies are in high demand and also offer great benefits. But to be a professional nanny you need at least 5 years of experience in the field of childcare with additional certifications such as first aid.

There are plenty of agencies that place you with families in America and across Europe, who also assist you with all your paperwork. Working through agencies is the safest option as they ensure safe and secure work environments and are able to place you with a family that suits you. 

ESL Teacher

Teaching English abroad is one of the most popular jobs that allow you to travel. Holders of university degrees can now visit exotic locations, make a decent living, and gain valuable working experience. 

The first step is to obtain a TEFL certification. Reputable TEFL providers offer comprehensive training and help you find work after completing your course. Depending on your tertiary qualification, you can find work in a public school, international school, or learning centre. 

All of these have vastly different salaries and working times. Working at a school will mean you get holidays and weekends off, working at a language centre means you double up on work over holidays and weekends but have lots of free time during the day. 

Whichever one you choose, being an ESL teacher is one of the most rewarding traveling jobs as you can travel to locations with low cost of living, make a decent salary, and truly soak up the local culture as you will be much more integrated than with other jobs. 

Traveling Nurse or MEdic

Being a travelling nurse is one of the jobs on this list that requires a little more experience and qualification. Many students who graduate nursing school don’t want to immediately jump into the high-pressure environment of a hospital job.

Becoming a travelling nurse will allow you to see the world, make good money, and still gain valuable experience in your field of expertise. 

Some travelling nurses choose to stay in their home country and fill voids at hospitals around the country. This way you have a flexible schedule as most contracts last between 13 and 26 weeks. You can also get a feel for different places in the country if you are looking for a place to settle down later in life.

Other nurses take to international waters and become onboard nurses for cruise ships and luxury yachts. In this line of work, you will often be expected to fulfil other duties too as staff on yachts are limited. It is not uncommon for nurses on boats to act as stewardesses or hospitality staff. 

Travelling nurses are placed through agencies and you need both a qualification and a license to practice.  

Cruise Ship Work

This is one of the most diverse jobs for those looking to travel and work. Cruise ships employ thousands of people in a massive array of positions. You can apply for everything from entertainer, to cleaner, photographer, and waiter. Employees are also able to change jobs once on the ship and it is not uncommon to move up in the ranks and become a shop manager, gallery assistant, or entertainment coordinator after starting out in another position. 

Previous experience working in the hospitality sector is always a big bonus as cruise ships are basically just floating hotels. This will give you a firm understanding of the level of customer service required on the job. 

Hiring partners can place you with some of the biggest cruise operators in the world so dust off your resume and make sure to list your interests as well as expertise. You never know what position might be available on their next cruise! 


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