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For three years straight, Inside the Travel Lab has been named one of the best travel blogs in the world by Lonely Planet. Here, we celebrate, and explain a little more about what that means and where else you can find great travel blogs. 

Lonely Planet names Inside the Travel Lab as one of the best travel blogs in the world


Lonely Planet’s Best Travel Blogs

Lonely Planet have been following the digital blogging landscape for some time and while they run an inclusive Pathfinders project for all enthusiasts to join, they wanted to single out and showcase the best travel blogs they could find.

They’ve called these creatives Trailblazers and, if you haven’t guessed by the way this article is going, Inside the Travel Lab has been named as one of the global list of seven.

Lonely Planet London Office

In their words:

Our Trailblazers have proven themselves to be pioneers in the blogger and travel influencer sphere, demonstrating best practices and impeccable professionalism. Their writing, photography and videography is top notch and aligns with Lonely Planet’s message. Just like Lonely Planet, our Trailblazers encourage their audiences to explore every day.

Emma Sparks, Deputy Editor lonelyplanet.com

Abigail King Lonely Planet Trailblazer

But it’s worth taking the time to write about what this partnership with Lonely Planet is NOT and to clear up a few misconceptions I’ve had a few of you ask.

So, does that mean you only say nice things about Lonely Planet now?

No, not at all. As ever, as always, we keep editorial control on Inside the Travel Lab, which means that we always have the right to say and publish what we like (you know, within the relevant laws of the land.)

Or to put it another way, I’m not saying that I think Lonely Planet are great because I’m working with them. I’m working with them because I think that Lonely Planet are great.

So, does that mean you’ll be writing guidebooks now?

No (at least that’s not the plan for now, but never say never.) While Lonely Planet is the world’s biggest guidebook publisher, they do plenty of other things as well. Things like publish magazines, run social media channels, print inspirational books about travel and broadcast professional travel videos.

I’ve already been involved in most of those activities (I should perhaps share more links around here!) and I hope that now I’ll be doing even more.What Lonely Planet does

So, does that mean you can’t work with other travel publishers?

No, not at all.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Lonely Planet for backpackers? Don’t you write about luxury travel and haven’t you just had a baby? How does that work?

Like many of us, Lonely Planet definitely started out backpacking. But, over the years, they’ve also developed aching bones and a growing appreciation for the finer things in life. They’ve also launched Lonely Planet Kids, directly aimed at the younger-than-backpacker generation.

So, as far as I understand it, they’re interested in the content creation (uch, that phrase) that I can deliver because of the way I travel, not in spite of it.

Inside the Travel Lab a Lonely Planet Trailblazer

Any other thoughts or questions?

Alright then! Let me hand you a digital glass of champagne and let’s celebrate!

It’s been a long road – and as those of you who have been here from the beginning will know, it hasn’t always been easy. So it’s important to enjoy the good times as and when they roll into town!


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