30 Minutes to Become a Better Writer: FREE Online Mini-Course

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Sep 26
This free online writing course promises "30 Minutes to Become a Better Writer." From award-winning writer and author Abigail King, these writing lessons will transform your business and creative writing. #writing #tips #courses

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Give me half an hour and I’ll make you a better writer

That’s the premise of my new mini-course that’s published live today. It’s free and, let’s be honest here, serves as a taster of the main dish that goes on sale next week: Write Better, Right Now.

That’s a six week extravaganza that explores the writing process and how to become a writer in more depth (think career blueprints, approaching editors, honing skills and getting things done.)

But let’s not focus on that just now.

Instead, let’s talk about bite-size tips that can help to make a real difference.

How to write well

Writing well is a core skill for almost every career: so many jobs require a CV, written presentation skills, pitching and email.

Even creatives like photographers and artists, need to know how to write a convincing caption, email and business proposal.

This mini-course distils some of my most powerful tips learned over a decade of writing and teaching into five segments of five minutes, give or take. 

It’s free to access, with absolutely no obligation, just the desire to get you on your way to writing better, right now. And yes, there's a written transcript provided as well.

The Full Shebang

If you are interested in joining the full course, you can join the wait list here. Places are limited since feedback is tailor-made, so don’t miss the chance to register.

And last, but by no means least, if you’re feeling chatty, head over to our Facebook Group. The Social Footprint Café.

Happy writing!

Abi xx


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