Unusual Cologne – The Naked Bottom on the Rathaus

By Abi King | Make Me Smile

Sep 09

Cologne’s Rathaus Has A Secret…

Unusual Cologne

The city of Cologne has a proud, upstanding Rathaus (Town Hall.) Important civic duties, from weddings to council meetings take place behind its carved and elegant façade – and have done for almost 500 years. Over 130 figures stand solemn, silenced by stone on the outside of the building. From kings and queens to saints and prophets, these noble and serious influences guide the good people of Cologne in their daily administrative duties.

Serious Cologne…

Except…It took a local to point out the following sculpture:

Not All Well Behaved…

Right there, among all those dignitaries, I discovered Cologne’s secret streak.

Naked in Cologne…


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