Naples: Finding a Corner of Peace in a Crazy City A self catered room found through Home Away

By Abi King | Italy

Sep 10

Motorbikes in Naples

Naples is a crazy beast of a city. Don’t be fooled by the notion of an Italian dolce vita, the pace of life in this southern salty port is decidedly sassy not sweet. Spray paint swarms across cloistered historic buildings while mopeds tear up the cobblestones between magnificent houses that are centuries old.

Old Naples
That’s why finding this peaceful retreat was all the more soothing and all the more special. Even if the door made a good disguise…

Graffiti covered door in Naples

Door to the oasis


A Peaceful Retreat in Naples’ Old Town: Staying with Home Away

Perfect little hideaway in Naples for getting down to business - found thru @HomeAway

Perfect little hideaway in Naples for getting down to business – found thru @HomeAway

Some people swear by hotels. Others love B&Bs. Then there are firm house swapping, self-catering aficionados.

Me? It depends what I’m in town for and what I’m doing.

For catching my breath and having a beautiful base right in the centre of town, this place was perfect.


I’ll show you the photos and take you on a tour in a moment but first I’d like to point out the outstanding aspects of this stay:

Highlights of my Naples Oasis

1)   No need to make a phone call to coordinate the key pick up (always a slight irk when you’ve just arrived in a new country and may not have reception.) Just a simple, prearranged time sorted out via email.

2)   Basic food supplies… supplied! What a blessing! Anyone can face the world after a refreshing cup of tea! Or, perhaps more seriously, when you arrive late at night, exhausted and with no idea where the nearest shops are it’s reassuring to know you have breakfast covered.

3)   Fantastic location – right in the heart of the city. Fresh basil grew in painted ceramic pots on the walkways and the shutters opened onto a light yet private courtyard.

4)   Fast wifi (this should be a given if it’s been advertised but sadly that’s not always the case.)

5)   Modern, clean, inspiring design.

6)   Maps! (Without which, you’re (ahem) lost.)

7)   Inside information from a passionate mother of Naples. She told me what monuments to bother seeing, the best places to shelter from the scorching sun and, of course, gave directions as to where to find the city’s most famous dish: the humble Neapolitan pizza, all bathed in thin, crispy, juicy, once in a lifetime glory. Delicious. Oh wait, I’m getting sidetracked…

pizza in Naples

Inside the Oasis

So, here’s the guided tour:

The Work Zone, Naples

Table and lamp

Cute little table and lamp

Upstairs oasis


Oasis overview

From above

Chic and lean bed

Chic and lean bed

Cosy kitchen, especially at night

Cosy kitchen, especially at night

Inner courtyard

Inner courtyard


How did I find this place? Through, the UK’s largest holiday home rental site. Find the full specs here.

What to know

There’s no lift here. So that’s four flights of stairs (eight, really) with all your bags

You need 100 Euros cash as deposit – no cards taken

Naples, while fascinating, really isn’t the sweet n dreamy Italian town you may be expecting! But I liked it anyway ;-)

A streetside treat in Naples

A streetside treat in Naples

Disclosure – I received a complimentary stay with Home Away for review purposes. As ever, as always, I kept the right to write whatever I liked about the place.

Prices start at 80 Euros/night

 Have you been to Naples? How did you find it?

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