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Paul Dow - Traverse

Co-founder Traverse Events

"Superb mentor and role model."

Not only does Abi have way over 10 years of experience writing both in print and online for major publishers.... she's also a superb mentor and role model for anyone looking to take their blogging seriously.

Inside the Travel Lab one of the best travel blogs featured by Nat Geo Traveller, BBC, Stylist

Abigail King

Award-winning Blogger

Are you feeling a little stuck with your blog?

 Overwhelmed with all the options and wondering if you've left it all too late?

Imagine if you had fresh eyes look over your work.

Professional eyes, with more than 10 years in the industry, with awards and testimonials to back up their opinion?

Well, that’s what’s on offer today.

Get laser-sharp, razor sharp feedback on your blog with a clear list of what to do next. Stop the overwhelm, vague panic and feeling of burning through time and money.

 For only $79 USD

What You’ll Get From Your Personal Blog Critique

Nothing beats personal feedback when it comes to making progress. Self-directed study is all well and good but it takes an expert eye to see where you can improve. 

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How it works

  • It's really easy for you to do and will take less than five minutes.
  • Simply email in the URL for your blog, highlight three articles for review and provide the URLs to three social media accounts to review.
  •  Within 28 days, you will receive personal, written and audio recommendations from award-winning blogger Abigail King.

What you will get

  • One overall blog critique delivered as a 10-15 minute video of feedback.
  • Written transcript of the video
  • Worksheet that highlights then next THREE steps that would be beneficial to you.
  • Access to our paid membership Facebook Group for free for life.
  • 10% discount for future critiques or products from our line – for life.
  • One worksheet highlighting where you should STOP spending your time

How long is this valid for?

You can send in your work at any time within 12 months from purchase.

What happens next?

You will have a concrete action plan to follow to improve your blog PLUS an exclusive discount to our signature online writing course, Write Better, Right Now.

Because the feedback is personal and tailored just to your work, we cannot operate a refund policy on this product.

About Abigail King

“Abigail King is the founder of Inside the Travel Lab, an award-winning blog that both National Geographic Traveler and Lonely Planet have described as "one of the best in the world."

Her blog regularly heads up the top luxury travel blog list in the UK and she regularly runs training sessions on the subject of writing and social media.

She's travelled to over 60 countries and enjoys marmite toast, buttered just right.

Why Students Recommend   Personal Feedback

Here's what former students have to say...

Bryan M Richards

Freelance Writer

 "I saw immediate improvements in my writing. Each day I was able to incorporate what I learned into my writing. I truly felt like I had a mentor walking beside me."


Award-winning Travel Blogger

"Abi is accessible and takes a keen interest in her students. I enjoyed learning from one of the best and would re-enroll again tomorrow – it is that good."

Lelde Benke Profile Image

Content manager 

"Abi made me aware of areas I need to work on and gave me the insights and tools I need to do so. I kept having 'aha!' moments."


Let’s Improve Your Blog Together

Want to go deeper?

Check out our in-depth online writing course which includes personal feedback.

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