Writing Skills Starter Course

Unlock the key writing skills to bring your ideas and experiences alive in this starter course from award-winning writer and author Abigail King.

This takes the first portion of the complete Write Better, Right Now course as a stand alone course. You can also upgrade at a later date to complete the rest of the signature Write Better, Right Now course.

Part of the Travel Dreams Bundle 2020.

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Write FAST

For people who don't like writing but have to do it. How to write twice as fast in half the time and still produce words that take care of business. 


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30 Minutes to Become a Better Writer

A mini course to help you become a better writer in half an hour. This course consists of five lessons. The idea is to go through one per day, so if you can't see all five yet, check back again tomorrow for your next instalment. 

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Write Better


This is the Write Better, Right Now course from award-winning writer Abigail King.

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