Sparks Fly in Seville with Love Padlocks

By Abi King | Make Me Smile

Dec 01

Triana Padlocks

Padlocks that symbolise love – the keys are thrown in the river.

Sparks fly in Seville – and it’s all in the name of love, eternity and structural maintenance.

For a few years now, lovers have fastened padlocks to the railings of the Isabel II Bridge and thrown the keys into the Guadalquivir river to symbolize their love. The bridge connects mainstream Seville with its wilder, more romantic district of Triana, and a stroll across reveals golden sparks thanks to the reflection of the strong Andalusian sun.

Apparently a cluster of ERASMUS students from Italy imported the tradition, based on the same practice at the Milvio Bridge in Rome. That in turn was inspired by the film “Ho voglia di Te” (I want you) directed by Luis Pietro. The film was based on a book by Federico Moccia. Phew! True love does travel.

View from Triana Bridge (Puente Isabel II)
View from Triana Bridge (Puente Isabel II)

But, as someone who didn’t even have a facebook or twitter account, once said, “the course of true love never did run smooth.” In this case, Seville’s authorities wage war against these amorous practices by periodically removing them. Their argument, which sounds miserably sensible, is that eventually the weight of all that interlocking metal causes structural damage to the bridge.

So they set at them with angle grinders, causing different sorts of sparks to fly.

Not sure about the significance of this. Love triangle? Wife swap?

Not sure about the significance of this. Love triangle? Wife swap?


Love Padlocks

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