Street Art in Cuba

By Abi King | Make Me Think

Apr 13
Revolutionary mother and child in Cuba

Revolutionary mother and child in Cuba


In Cuba, I spent most of my time on the streets. It’s a Caribbean country with a laid-back vibe, whatever its international stereotype and ongoing political conflicts.

As you may know, I love street art. It captures my imagination because of its tendency to represent an undercurrent of rebellion. A symbol of authentic expression rather than corporate strategy or political manoeuvring.

That’s a naive point of view, of course, and I didn’t need to go to Cuba to find that out.

Yet I did go, years back in 2005, and these images have stayed with me ever since. Perhaps because I missed the chance to learn more about what they really meant. Perhaps because images of a mother, a baby and a weapon still surprise me.

Do they represent propaganda and state control? Or the passioned paintbrushes of someone who believed in their principles, with a fervent desire to share their vision with the world.

I never found out – and I regret that. But I still find them interesting – and I hope you do too.

Street Art in Cuba

Por la victoria - street art with flag in Cuba

Por la victoria – Cuba

Woman walks past street art in Cuba. Message reads "Lies"

Mentiras = Lies

Terrorism Plays on the Streets in Cuba

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