Sunset at Pelican Beach, Aruba

By Abi King | The Caribbean

Oct 01

Pelican Beach at Sunset

Pelican Beach

As the sun sets, the pelicans stretch out their wings. Ungainly in flight, they swoop over the waves lit up by the sun, hover, pause, poise, then plummet down into the sea to swallow up their prey. It’s active work and once the fire of the sun subsides, so too does the pelican hunt. Instead, they leave the beaches of soft white sand and travel up the island to where boulders nuzzle into the waves.

Here, warmed by the shifting sky of purple and blue they reach out their feathers and stand.

And I, I suppose, do the same. No longer searching for interviews, writing down numbers, taking down quotes. Not fussing with sunscreen, mosquito spray, deadlines and wifi.

Just…stretching out my thoughts and taking a stand.

Visiting Aruba

I hope you enjoy this photo – it’s just a snippet of my time here in Aruba, an island that has surprised me and welcomed me in equal measure. I came here for a mixture of work and elusive time off, at the invitation of Aruba Tourism UK and Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba, about which more later.

For now I’m in that strange no-man’s land of airport life but I just wanted to share this image…as it’s one I will try to remember when the next cool grey rain returns.

Until later,


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